Sunday, May 10, 2009

Old town fun

We're back in South! Everyone is exhausted. Wesley is asleep, Charlie's on his way, and I'm ignoring the dishes from the Mother's Day dinner of scrambled eggs with cheese and tomatoes, salad, sausage, and muffins Ryan made me in favor of uploading pictures and putting the shiny new "Alumni" sticker on my car (Another thing I am ignoring is the fact that the sticker uses the wrong form of the word "Alumni." Ryan says it's ok because each of us is an "alumnus"/alumna" and we both drive the red car, ergo the plural form, "Alumni," is actually correct.).

Graduation was so much fun. Ryan's mom got this great picture, which is good, because at that exact moment I was very confused by what I was supposed to be doing and chastising myself for not being in the moment.


Also, the commencement speaker was standing in the receiving line and I wanted to find just the right words to say "OMG I HEARTED YOUR SPEECH" without sounding like a total dork. She talked about her son and her job in the White House and working and parenting and priority making and career paths. I settled on "Your speech meant a lot to me" then added "I have two boys!" like a total spaz. Then I moved down the line and everyone greeted me with "Doctor" as I shook their hand. Trippy!

I went with the orange shoes because orange is the color for engineering, where my hippie multidisciplinary degree is based. My hood turned out to be blue for Philosophy. They should really cover these kinds of details in orientation. Or maybe I'm the only one late to that party. But yay! Fun shoes!

Orange for Engineering

The big surprise is that Charlie was ALSO hooded on Friday. We are quite proud of his dissertation work in nanophysics. And classics. He was hooded twice.

Professor Charles

And on Saturday we had some people over and we drank two gallons of coffee. It was everything I thought it would be.

Two Gallons of Coffee

Sunday we went to our old church where we were welcomed as though we had never left. Big thanks to our friends S and Dr. C for giving us their house for the weekend (they are off on a field project somewhere). Their warm hospitality made our visit so relaxed and easy and we can't wait to visit again.


AJU5's Mom said...

What color was/is your tassel? It looks orange in the picture, but my guess is that it isn't. Anyways, orange shoes are cool no matter what!

LL said...

Sounds like such a great weekend! I'm glad everything went so well!

Steph said...

We're so glad you had such a nice time! We just wish we could have been there to enjoy your company. Maybe next time!

sarah said...


I love that picture of Charlie!!

Leslie said...

yay, congrats!! We're so happy for you :)

Alyssa said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend! Love the orange shoes!

Sarah said...

Yay!!! Congrats a million times, doctor! I just got a bright blue pedicure yesterday to match my blue hood (even though I am wearing closed-toe shoes). Now I just have to pass that pesky defense. Charlie looks adorable in his hoods.

Kyla said...

Congratulations, Doctor! That is so exciting!!!

apathy lounge said...

So proud of you! And jealous!! But mostly...proud.

Rima said...

Well done, Doctor! And I bet you had the coolest pair of shoes at commencement!

Staci said...

Yay! Congratulations again and again and again! You have worked so hard for so long! Do you feel lighter getting the student label off your shoulders?!?