Sunday, May 17, 2009


We were so lucky this weekend to receive a visit from Charlie's Godmother ("Godmother"), one of our dear friends from grad school. She was visiting South for her fancy new job and came a little early to see us.

Charlie with the bride and groom, his godparents
Charlie with Godmother and Godfather at their wedding

She happened to come in the middle of an ongoing discussion Ryan, my neighbor (who needs a blog-name, we'll call her Labmama because of her other life as a biology lab technician), and I have been having about invisible forces. On a recent episode of Curious George the Man in the Yellow Hat told George "I think magnetism is my favorite of all the invisible forces" which I thought was hysterical and immediately shared with Labmama, who also found it funny. Since then (probably Tuesday) we've been emailing and texting each other with other potential invisible forces. Labmama came up with gravity right off the bat, but we figured since the Man in the Yellow Hat had said "...of all the invisible forces" that there must be more than just those two (magnetism and gravity). Mr. Labmama was pushing for wind, but we concluded that wind was the result of the pressure gradient force and not an invisible force itself.

So you can imagine how much fun we had on Friday night, just three PhD's sitting around drinking wine and looking up invisible forces on the internet. The next night Labmama came over and when I opened the door to greet her she exclaimed "CENTRIFUGAL and CENTRIPETAL FORCE!" and I smacked my forehead because YEAH.

Anyway, Charlie and Godmother HIT it OFF. Even before she gave him a toy Air Force One complete with jet engine noises and flashing lights. She went upstairs to wash her hands before dinner and Charlie stood in the kitchen with his hands outstretched wondering aloud "Where Godmother? Where she go?" The same thing happened every morning while she slept until a normal time and the boys and Ryan and I played trains in the kitchen.

When we weren't philosophizing about invisible forces we were eating. We made a load batch of chocolate chip cookies Friday night and we hit all the high points: the cupcake bus, breakfast tacos, the local drafthouse we love, the pizza buffet, and Sonic. We also spent a lot of time relaxing and laughing really really hard. I had the hiccups for nearly an hour on Friday night and Saturday night (after Labmama and Godmother and I shared beer and our deep love for science).

When I returned from dropping Godmother off at her hotel downtown tonight Charlie bounced out into the garage hopefully, then looked forlornly at the empty passenger seat of my car and said "Where my Godmother go? I can't wait for her! Where go? Where my Godmother go? I can't wait for her!" It was heartbreakingly sweet.

I miss her too. I miss all my friends from school, but it's good to know that we can just pick up where we left off when we are able to get together.


Sarah said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean about picking up where you left off-- that's the best thing about old friends. Such a sweet post.

Also, you're the best mom ever in that you actually watch TV WITH your kid instead of letting your kid watch TV in lieu of interaction.

Anonymous said...

Awww!!! I miss you guys too. I had so much fun! I would also like to remain an advocate for Coriolis force... apparent or not! -GM

Alyssa said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend! How about friction? You can feel it, but not see it - does that count? LOL

sarah said...

Love this post! I love old friends! And seriously? You're way smarter than me and pretty much everyone I know! LOL

Dr. Maureen said...

I have to step in here and say that you forgot about Strong Force and Weak Force. Strong Force holds the nucleus together and therefore puts all other so-called "forces" to shame; hence its name. Weak Force does something else with atoms that I don't understand (the website I found is talking about neutrinos) and is weaker than magnetic force but stronger than gravity. Gravity is a laughable piddling force, in point of fact.

And that's all the forces there are. I think. So you should be glad I wasn't at your party because I would have been the obnoxious drunk one shouting down all your other force suggestions. "THAT'S NOT AN OFFICIAL FORCE!" I would have said, and then I would have started chanting, "STRONG FORCE, ELECTROMAGNETISM, WEAK FORCE, AND GRAVITY! STRONG FORCE, ELECTROMAGNETISM, WEAK FORCE, AND GRAVITY!" until you made me leave.

Kyla said...

Sounds like you guys were having a great time! Friends like there, where you can just pick back up, are the best!

Anonymous said...

I don't what was more fun...reading about your boys - and I love to see their pictures, too - or reading about the PhD's "casual" conversations.
Godmother's Mother