Sunday, May 31, 2009

At the Zoo

We went to the zoo this weekend with Charlie's cousins and Ryan's sister, brother-in-law, and dad.

Moments after we arrived and got everyone pottyed and sun-screened we set out on our animal adventure. The three older boys walked hand in hand and talked about baseball. Of course!


Here is an idyllic moment between me and Charlie at the monkey exhibit (Not sure what I'm doing with my hands there--air camera maybe?--but I sure wish I had them down by my sides like a normal person). The monkeys were Charlie's favorite. I wonder if he was waiting for The Man in the Yellow Hat to come out. Does that baseball cap not just kill you? He refused to wear the "baby hat" I had brought him and wore this one of Ryan's instead. There was also some species of deer in the same habitat that had big ears (you can see it on the right hand side of the picture). Charlie told it "It's OK rabbit. You just relaxin' rabbit?"

Becca and Charlie

Here's me looking like the hippie science professor I hope to be one day. Wesley was eating/sleeping/using my bo*ob as a cozy pillow; his hat made for excellent cover. So much so that Ryan's dad approached me all "Ohhh, look! He's sleeping!" and I was all "EATING! HE'S EATING! Don't move the hat!" Once again the Ergo saves the day. Wesley does not take kindly to being denied food. Even when there are deer/rabbits to be seen.

Becca and Wes

Aww, he's finally asleep! And I managed to get my shirt back on! Bonus!

All Zooed Out

Charlie: "He has a trunk! Just like Phent!"

Flat Stanley Elephant

The kids were not scared of the bear, who was separated from us by an electrified wire and twenty foot ravine. Charlie was concerned that the bears didn't have any blueberries. He attempted to communicate with the bear by roaring ferociously at it. The bear was nonplussed, perhaps because there were no blueberries.

The Bear

Appropos of nothing, check out Wes's baby-mullet:

Wes relaxing

There was some hilarity with the roaring sign at the lion habitat:

Anyone know where I can get one of these for Charlie's room? No?

And some Montessouri-style cousin-to-cousin teaching moments:


There was an antelope called a Dik Dik, which, after a few hours in the sun, Ryan and I found absolutely hysterical, but I thought taking a picture of the sign would be a little too childish of a thing to do in front of the extended family. Otherwise, we could have all enjoyed it here together.

Both boys were sound asleep within blocks of leaving the zoo, so we found a Sonic and had ourselves a little date (it was Happy Hour no less!).



Sarah said...

So cute! Dik Dik would make me laugh, too. Our elephants are named Brittany and Ruth, and that cracks me up like you wouldn't believe. Glad you had fun at the zoo!

Kyla said...

How fun!! I think we missed our zoo window for the year, it is already getting too hot! Stupid Houston.

Meika said...

Man, I wish I could figure out how to nurse in the Ergo!

@Kyla - come on up to Michigan for a zoo visit. It will never be warm here. Today, for example? 57F. HATE.

Andrea said...


I am really afraid of bears, by the way.


sarah said...

The "dik-dik" thing is great. And you are a superhero for being able to nurse in an ergo.