Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Accident

I've been playing around with my camera (It is a point and shoot Canon Power Shot A590IS), trying to learn more about all the different settings so I can take better pictures. I was trying out the "Aperature Priority" setting on St. Francis when I lost my balance. As I stumbled backwards I clicked the shutter and this is what I got:

St. Francis with Marigold

Too bad "Aperature Priority" is almost impossible to use on small children!

Here is the finished garden, too:

New Garden

I am thinking of turning the other planter box (it's off to the side, out of the way) into Charlie's Pumpkin Patch. It would look really cool in the fall when the pumpkins started to ripen. Does anyone know what pumpkin plants look like before they bear fruit? Is this workable?


Kyla said...

Wow! He looks much bigger from that angle. How funny. Good shot, though.

Rima said...

That is a really cool picture!

I have no idea how to take pictures with my camera, but I hear "aperture priority" is really important.

Sarah said...

oooooh-- pretty. your flowers look fab!

sarah said...

that picture is gorgeous!