Monday, April 13, 2009

Why must all holidays involve a fun surprise early in the morning?

Anyone else exhausted after the "weekend?" Ours started on Friday, with Ryan off of work. After a recheck of Wesley's breathing (he is all better) in the morning, we dropped both boys off at day care (Wesley's last day) and went out for a leisurely breakfast before we went to look at cars. We had brainstormed "things that are hard to do with kids" and then did them all on Friday. We had the breakfast and car shopping and then during "independent time" Ryan chose to finish organizing the garage and I chose sitting at my desk staring blankly at a spot on the wall for at least thirty minutes before I gave up and took a nap. Wesley's bronchiolitis diagnosis and subsequent breathing treatments and chest x-ray really threw me for a loop. Even though it wasn't that big of a deal according to Dr. Google, I've never seen Pediatrician Man look so concerned. At any rate, he's better now and this could either never happen again or it could happen next time he gets a cold or allergies or he could get asthma. Fun!

Anyway, we went car shopping. Armed with EPA fuel economy data, we had selected a number of cantidates in the small SUV/station wagon class. I drove a Ford Escape, which I liked. I sat in a Ford Focus wagon which I DID NOT like. I drove a Mazda 6 which I loved. I sat in a RAV4 which I tried to make out with. Ryan learned that I was willing to pay $7000 more for the RAV4 because it had an iPod port cleverly hidden in the center console, the only practical difference between it and the Escape. On the way home from school, totally unprompted, Charlie pointed at a pretty silver RAV4 and said "I wike dat car!" So I think the decision has been made, don't you?

Saturday night we attended the Easter vigil at my sister's church, where they were baptizing my niece. It started at 8:00 and was supposed to be two hours long. I was nervous about Charlie's behavior, since the service started after his bedtime, but he just fell asleep curled up in my lap shortly after it started (I think it was the cantor) and when he woke up more than an hour later he was groggy and out of it and happy to sit cuddled up with Ryan for the rest of the time. Wesley was asleep at the beginning but loved looking at all the candles when he woke up. I was amazed by their good behavior! We got home at 11:00, put both boys to bed, then had to create Easter Bunny magic before we could go to bed ourselves.

Wesley's basket


Totally worth the exhaustion to hear Charlie exclaim "Bunny Rabbit brought me bubbles!!" Not fun and exciting? We ran out of coffee. RAN OUT. As in, there was NONE. I found another can in the pantry with a little left in it but when I noticed it didn't smell like anything I found that it had expired in 2007. That was THREE HOUSES AGO. Thank you Sonic for being open on Easter, is all I have to say.

What I didn't know is that the Easter Bunny would come to visit ME too!

St. Francis with his Peeps

And finally, my favorite of the twenty thousand pictures I took of the boys in their coordinating shirts, khaki pants, and hats at church:

My Favorite

And you know I really have no idea what I just wrote because today is Wesley's first day of "homeschooling." He is out of daycare (Charlie is going to go down to two days a week, he loves, LOVES it, cries when we go home, etc, so I didn't want to take it away just yet) for good now. This will be the first time I have ever stayed at home full time since Charlie was born. Better go dust off the heels and pearls.


Mrs. CH said...

Sounds like you had an amazing weekend! Very cute pictures of the boys!

Let me know what car you decide to buy. I've been looking at small SUVs/station wagons as well (not for now, but after we move - since mine is a two door standard. Talk about not kid friendly.). I am thinking about the Mazda 6, RAV4 and the Toyota Matrix (did you try that one out?). What about a Subaru station wagon?

AJU5's Mom said...

Oh, we have been thinking about the vehicle thing too some. I like the CR-V, but dh isn't "cool" with the looks!

Oh, the SAHM thing isn't too bad. Just don't wear heals! You are likely to hurt yourself, which will make the gig a lot harder!

Meika said...

New reader here... :)

LOVE the Peeps on St. Francis!

Also, we've recently been doing a vehicle search a lot like yours, but we're trying to wait till fall to buy. We might crack before that, though. We're weak.

Anyway, my husband has conducted a detailed Pugh analysis (some engineering thing, I guess) that includes most small SUVs. I can email it to you if you like. If it's between the Escape and the RAV-4, definitely go with the RAV-4. It has better fuel economy, 7 cu. ft. more cargo capacity, and a lower sticker price. The Escape also got the worst rating from in customer satisfaction from all those on our list (the Toyota Venza and Honda CRV were tops there).

Our finalists are the RAV-4 and CRV. If you want to see the chart, seriously, email me. meika underscore weiss at yahoo dot com.

Sarah said...

Love the new layout :)

The picture of gleeful Charlie and the Peeps pic both made me laugh out loud (all alone in my office).

reluctant housewife is super funny, too.

I also wanted to make out with the Rav4-- you totally can't go wrong (and we have the iPod thing in our cars-- love)

(and when you actually want to purchase the car, take the kids b/c even though it's a bit stressful, it really speeds up the sale :)

Kim said...

We bough a RAV-4 a little over a year ago and we LOVE it. We also looked at the CR-V but it's trunk is a lot smaller than the RAV-4. (You will be amazed at how much you can fit in the hidden trunk compartment of the RAV-4. I have a 4-person earthquake kit and all kinds of roadside emergency stuff. Not paranoid, prepared!)

Hanah said...

I think my Charlie has the same hat Wesley is wearing in that picture. Your boys are still so adorable!

Rima said...

You gotta love the contents of Wesley's Easter basket. I think he knows he was gypped.