Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First of many times this will happen, I am sure

My latest obsession is whipping my yard into shape by summer and right now, in addition to fertilizing and watering, that means pulling weeds. Last summer I was giant and pregnant and hot and in no mood to do yard work of any kind, so things got a little out of hand. How out of hand? Well since the old dissertarooney has been wrapped up I've pulled enough weeds to fill two and a half of the giant Home Depot composting bags and I'm not even halfway there. And that doesn't even count the ones I threw over the fence into the greenbelt because I was too lazy to walk to the patio to put them in the bag.

It's quite nice, the time we all spend back there. Wesley plays on a blanket and Charlie alternately climbs on the swing set and helps me pull weeds. He has claimed all the weeds by the swing set as "his" and will not let me pull them. Instead, he crouches in the grass and plucks out random bits of vegetation, holding them over his head and exclaiming "It's a BIG ONE, Mama!" before proudly carrying it to the pile on the patio. Occasionally he will run over and show me a handful of grass and say "Look Mama! It's the ROOTS!"

Today we were back there working together when Charlie ran over to me, upset. I asked him what was wrong and he whined "Kiss it!"

"What do you want me to kiss?" I asked.

He held out his tongue.

I paused, then blew him a kiss.

"Is that better?"

"Yeah" he whined.

"What happened to your tongue, Buddy?"

"A roly poly."

He was on the verge of tears.

"Did you put a roly poly in your mouth?"

"It's down in my tummy."


The best part is that I can't call Pediatrician Man to make sure it's not dangerous (even though I am sure I wouldn't have anyway, it was just a roly poly) because earlier today we were there for a mysterious rash on Charlie's neck and cheek that turned out to be poison ivy and I had NO IDEA where it came from. Me and my feral, insect-eating children.


AJU5's Mom said...

At least he knew it would make his stomach not feel so good!

sarah said...

blurgh. I dont' even know what a "roly poly" is, but I live in fear of the day Ethan pulls something like that.
Thankfully, he's not even willing to touch a worm, so I'm hoping that he won't be putting insects in his mouth anytime soon!

Sarah said...


Harry ate an ant when he was little, and I was super grossed out.

Love the roots-- ha!

Kyla said...

You guys just got back from camp, I'm sure that's where the poison ivy came from.

Roly polies are high in protein, right? Perfect afternoon snack. ;)

Rima said...

I heard those things are, like, total delicacies in France.

Kim said...

I am hopeful that my dog will continue to take care of the bug eating in our family... his second favorite thing to do after hunting squirrels is to "play" with bugs and then eat them after they die.

I think that guy who does the "Man vs Wild" show has eaten roly polys on tv, so I'm sure Charlie is fine!