Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On my tenth doctor's visit I get a free bottle of hand soap!

Here we go again.

Except it's not the Clogged Eustation Tube Kid this time. It's his sidekick, the Clogged Eustation Tube Baby.

And now, I must say, POOR LITTLE GUY!!!! He didn't sleep well last night and today he wouldn't take a nap. He just cried and cried and cried. That was in his crib. In his car seat, where his head is elevated he sleeps GREAT. So great, in fact, that he slept through an entire feeding and two diaper changes before I had to get him out at Pediatrician Man's. And then he ate, thank goodness, because my conservative v-neck sweater was starting to look a little inappropriate.

I wasn't going to take him to see Pediatrician Man. He has been stuffy for nearly two weeks, but has seemed happy and hasn't had a fever. Then while we were out for breakfast with friends today I noticed that he sounded like Darth Vader and thought it would be worth a visit. Pediatrician Man looked at his ears and then we had a good laugh about the stumpy eustation tubes Ryan and I gave our boys.

Before Wesley's doctor visit, we had to go to Charlie's allergist for a "follow-up" to the visit we had five months ago before Wesley was born. Conveniently, Charlie developed a rash around his mouth on his way there. This marks the first occasion on which I have appeared at the doctor's office with a kid who was actually exhibiting a symptom of some kind. The allergist asked me what Charlie had for breakfast.

"A banana and a whole wheat bagel--"

"I HAVE A TACO!" Charlie interjected. The doctor looked at me over Charlie's chart. "A breakfast taco?" he asked, smiling. Uh, yeah, that too.

Charlie had to have blood drawn to test for allergies to peanuts, dogs, and dust mites (An allergy to any of those things is going to require major lifestyle changes around here. Especially dust mites. Like maybe I'll have to vacuum more than once a quarter. But maybe we'll find out why Charlie's nose has been running since election day). He watched the whole thing, fascinated, only flinching when the needle went in. He was thrilled when the nurse wrapped his arm up in tape. "I get a BAND AID!" he said.

I must say that I'm enjoying the way Charlie only speaks in the present tense.


Anonymous said...

Awwww...poor little thing. I love all the things Charlie says ;) --abby

AJU5's Mom said...

At least you have proof Charlie breaks out in a rash occasionally now!

Hopefully Wesley gets better soon!

Kyla said...

Hey, a kid exhibiting a symptom at said doctor's visit is worth his weight in gold! I'm resigned to taking photos and sending them to the pediatrician. I call it "Kyla's Gross Photo of the Week Club"...I gave her a complimentary membership. Heh.

The peanut-free thing is rough with KayTar who doesn't eat all that much, I can't imagine how hard it would be for a kid who LIKES to eat, KWIM? I hope it isn't that. Did they test for eggs? Egg is a common allergen and quite prevalent in breakfast tacos!

Sarah said...

Poor baby-- I wonder if I should take J to the doctor-- he has been stuffy for weeks and sleeps bad (during the day). Hmmmmmm. The present tense is adorable!

Rima said...

I hope your little dudes get all their issues sorted out and are feeling better soon!

Leslie said...

Wow, Charlie is about a million times braver than I am when I have to get blood drawn. I've even been known to pass out from the stress of it. Did I mention that I have to get a glucose tolerance test (it's the same one you do to test for gestational diabetes). Yeah, that's going to be a bad day.