Monday, January 12, 2009

This weekend, by the numbers

1 instructor job application submitted (oh please oh please oh please, this job is PERFECT)

4 breakfast tacos, eaten by the 3 solids eating members of the family

1 book read in Braille at storytime

2 cupcakes from the cupcake bus followed by 1 nap in the car

All Cupcaked Out

1 visit to Sonic happy hour for "special drinks" (Charlie's is always water, he just likes using the straw)

2 boys in the bathtub

2 boys asleep by 8:30 Saturday night

200 cookies consumed by 2 parents ecstatic about the 2 sleeping boys

3 episodes of The Office, 5 SNL skits watched online

1 wakeup Saturday (Wesley), 0 wakeups Saturday (Charlie)

7.5 hours of sleep for ME (whee!)

30 minutes survived by Charlie in Big Church before he asked to be returned to the nursery

4 dirty looks from fellow congregant who disapproved of Charlie's enthusiasm for worship

12 slices of pizza consumed by the family after church

45 rounds of "The Wheels on the Bus"

1 time-out for coloring on the carpet

11 cups of coffee to make it through the weekend

0 hours spent working on dissertation

2 hours spent reading Newsweek

1 family walk

45 mins spent at the park

3 laps around the park for me (part of my New Year's Resolution to "be more hott")

2 boys in the bathtub Sunday

4 successful visits to the potty (!!!!)

2 boys asleep by 8:00 Sunday

1 wakeup Sunday (Wesley)

7.5 hours of sleep for me!

2 loads of laundry accumulated in two days of cupcake and pizza eating, spitting up, playground visiting, backyard roughhousing, nursing, and church-attending


AJU5's Mom said...

7.5 hours of sleep - that is great!

And the four dirty looks - ignore them. Jesus did tell us to come like little children...

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing your car seat is about as crusty as ours...

Sarah said...

I also had 0 work hours, which was awesome

Cupcake bus?? Seriously??-- awesome

Our kiddies go to be at 7, and it is the happiest hour in the world :)

sarah said...

a place that delivers cupcakes? like, to your door? mmmmmmmmmm...that's crazy, but in such a good way.

Kyla said...

Sounds like a good weekend to me!