Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pediatrician Man, bringing the hammer down

"Wow, what a healthy looking little guy! How is he sleeping at night?" asked Pediatrician Man.

"Um, well, he goes down around seven."

Pediatrician Man smiles approvingly.

"And then he wakes up at midnight and eats."

He nods. Smile begins to fade.

"And then he wakes up in increasingly short intervals until I bring him to bed with me around three-thirty or four."

"Mmm hmm. He doesn't actually need to eat at night anymore. It may be time to let him learn to self soothe by crying himself to sleep. I know it sounds harsh, but he's just in a habit of waking up for 'Mom time'. He doesn't actually need to eat."

Pediatrician Man is obviously not acquainted with the intensity of Wesley's night screaming. I think the HOA may add a bylaw disallowing it at the quarterly meeting.

"So, just let him cry it out? It's already time for that?"

"Yes, his weight is good, his daytime eating is good, he's ready."

"Okey dokey!"

When I left the office I was pretty gung ho about teaching the little vampire to sleep. But then during Charlie's nap Wesley and I fell asleep on the couch all curled up together and my resolve crumbled. I know Charlie was sleeping twelve hours a night by this point, but Wesley just seems so little. And Charlie didn't require "cry it out". He simply started sleeping all night one day and has been going strong ever since (please don't throw overripe fruit at me, I am paying for it now).

And, well, just look at him! He's going to be sleeping in my bed until Super Nanny comes and tells me that it's ahb-so-LUTE-ly ri-DIC-u-lous that a child of that age is still sleeping with his Mum and Dad.

Does not know what is coming

Cute little Schmoopy or not, we all need to start getting more sleep. I mean, Ryan works with high voltage equipment for goodness sake. And he DOESN'T DRINK COFFEE.

We are going to start "working with him" tomorrow night.


Rima said...

He'll still be cute when he's sleeping through the night. Maybe even cuter! Good luck :)

Alyssa said...

Oh, man - good luck! After that, your defense will be a breeze! :D

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh-- he is adorable!!!

Kyla said...

Good luck!

Sleep training never would have worked with KayTar in a million years. But BubTar was an easy/good sleeper, so I suppose that's fair enough.

AJU5's Mom said...

I think CIO is the standard response of doctors. Hopefully Wesley will pick it up quickly (and AJU5 will too!)

Anonymous said...

Ferber Ferber Ferber! I can't recommend it enough. You ALL deserve some sleep around there!

Anonymous said...

Did you ever read Dr. Spock's book. written at least 60 years ago. Very good advice. He says that you should send Ryan in to Wesley because he does not smell like available milk, change his diaper, pat him on the back, and put him down again to sleep. Should work.