Saturday, January 31, 2009

One of those magical parenting moments

Things I Googled while on hold with Pediatrician Man's weekend phone nurse:

Nasal Obstruction
Foreign Body in Nose
Gray Nasal Discharge

What Charlie says when you ask him what he put in his nose:

"I'm a monkey!" followed by maniacal laughter.


UPDATE: The nurse suggested I put my finger over the unaffected nostril and then blow into Charlie's mouth like I was giving him CPR. On the first try, the corner of whatever it was started to show. I tried again and it was obvious that whatever it was was BIG. It took FOUR TRIES to get the thing out. It finally popped out and Charlie was visibly more comfortable (once the screaming from "the procedure" had calmed down). Whatever it was was big (approximately conical, a quarter inch in diameter and a half inch long) and brown and hard. We think it was part of a banana stem (hence the monkey references from Mr. Helpful). I think he had it in his mouth and then a sneeze propelled it into his sinuses because there is no way it went in there through his nostril. Now I know why he was such a crab all day! Poor little guy.

Charlie, Snowboarder hat
Picture taken this morning shortly after presumed lodging of banana stem in nose and shortly before I said to Ryan "Should I be worried that he has black snot coming out of his nose?" Of course NOW it is quite obvious that something is in there.


Hanah said...

Eep! I hope you got it out without too much trouble.

stephanie said...

oh..I'll tell you our experience w/ foreign objects after you return from your adventure in getting it removed.

Kyla said...

That is CRAZY!

AJU5's Mom said...

That is just too funny!
Who would have thought a 2 year old would put a banana stem up his nose!

Pete the Brit said...

What? No picture of the banana stem???? :(

stephanie said...

oh thank goodness.

Child #1 - stuck a popcorn kernel up his nose, the hold one nostril and make him blow out his nose worked great after a couple of attempts.

Child #2 - a pebble had to be SURGICALLY removed, thankfully he needs ear tubes during the same surgery.

By the way these are both boy children who are now 12 and 6. And I love raising boys!

Steph said...

C and I are now traumatized for life. Thank goodness he's ok!

clickmom said...

What a sweetie! Sounds like fun times at your house. You deserve a Banana Daquiri or something...... (Wait, if that was gross I didn't mean it that way)

Sarah said...

I would seriously freak the freak out. Nice work!

sarah said...

Wow!!!! You're like a super hero. Lucky Charlie!

Taylor McKenna said...

That's crazy! When I used to work in a schoolage care program we had a kiddo that put some of the sticky stuff from his waterpark wristband in his ear. That stuff sticks real nice to the cilia in the outer ear. Ew. His parents go to go to the ER for dinner that night.

Paula said...

Wow -- what an experience. And a story to pass down to tell his kids about and embarrass him:) I enjoy reading your blog and seeing what you and Ryan have been up to.