Sunday, January 25, 2009

If only I'd done it in heels and pearls

So, if all goes well tomorrow (and that's a big honking IF) I will have pulled off hosting our wonderful friends and Wesley's Godparents at our home for the weekend, dinner for nine, Wesley's baptism, much baking for the wonderful brunch held by my sister for Wesley, creating a seventy-five slide presentation (need to take out at least fifteen slides by tomorrow), a trip to the Old Town, a meeting with Dr. Advisor, and a "mini-defense". In ONE WEEKEND. On approximately negative eight hours of sleep. I can't even imagine how relaxing my life will seem after March when all this nonsense is behind me.


(Baptism was wonderful. Weekend was filled with friends and family. We are so lucky.)


Homestead Mom said...

Holy cow, woman! You are definitely going to have to rest soon.

So glad you had your family & loved ones around you. It is so restorative, even in the face of too much going on.

Anonymous said...

That's usually a recipe for a migraine around these parts. It's not the tension, but tension's release that causes my headaches. Wow! You'll be on easy street then.

choral_composer said...

Awesome pic!!!! Crazy weekend.

I need to do an Austin roadtrip sometime :)

I can visit y'all and go to Great Hall games at the same time woohoo

Kyla said...

Good luck! I'm like apathy lounge, I get stress headaches once it is all over and done with.

Sarah said...

Adorable picture!!

Congratulations and good luck.