Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So! Christmas!


I started this Christmas post earlier today during "nap" time but now I'm sitting here at my desk with both hands free for the first time in I don't know how long because Wesley is ASLEEP in his freaking BED. I KNOW! We'll see how long it lasts because Ryan is putting Charlie to bed right now and it sounds like there is an entire NBA team up there doing agility drills. But so far I haven't heard a PEEP on the monitor. NO PEEPS. All this is possible, by the way, because the other day I did a little redecorating and moved the crib into the guest room which has a door that closes. Totally worth the effort it took to remove the door from its hinges, shove Ryan's desk out into Wesley's former sleeping alcove, disassemble the crib, shove it into the guest room, reassemble it, and then re-hang the door (by myself). If you ask me. Now. I will continue to enjoy this free time while it still exists. And I am fully aware, this not being my first rodeo, that there will be many, many, false starts on the path to sleep training. And also that the first time Ryan goes on a business trip they will likely both mutiny/develop ear infections and refuse to sleep. But for now, typing, with two hands.

Back to Christmas!

Christmas was FUN! (because how many posts can you write about how little sleep you are getting, really?)

We went to church Christmas Eve. Charlie was a king and Wesley was an angel. Charlie got to go up to the front and stand in the choir loft with all the other little kings to listen to the Christmas story. Wesley got to stay with me and eat.

Angel and a King

More proof that he can sleep through anything besides night time. Wesley was not as impressed with his stocking as Charlie was with his. But you can see how cozy and relaxing he finds my side of the bed. And also that he is getting really cute.

Wesley stocking fun

Santa brought Charlie a FLASHLIGHT! He brought Ryan one too so he wouldn't be jealous.


And TRAINS! He couldn't believe it! Let that be a lesson to you, Santa is listening. Even if you clam up when you finally get the opportunity to ask him for more trains.

More trains!

I finished Wesley's blanket around 11:30 Christmas Eve. As you can see, it was a huge hit.

Wesley's new blanket

And the cousins got coordinating jammies for Christmas.


Then we had Christmas dinner at my aunt and uncle's. Charlie got to sit by his all-time favorite family member, Sarah, who gave up her usual Christmas plate and cup so Charlie could use it this year. Charlie didn't completely understand and repeatedly gestured at his mug and said "Mama coffee! Mama coffee!" That was a proud moment for me. This picture was taken about fifteen minutes before the meal. They were hungry.

Heads of the Table

And finally, Wesley was overcome by the excitement of the day and the large meal and had to lie down. I like to imagine him with football on in the background and his pants unbuttoned.

Pretty in Pink Wesley


Rima said...

Those pictures are absolutely precious. The V-meister couldn't believe that Santa heard her out, either. I didn't even write a Christmas post, though, because it would have been too whiny, I think. We hosted both sides of the family and I was an irritable ball of stress on Christmas day. Bah!

Glad yours was nice!

Anonymous said...

I'm really itching to go buy gifts for little boys now. So cute! Maybe it has something to do with the all-pink, all-princess gifts at my house.

Marianne said...

I swear, I want to eat your children... Wait... You know what I mean!

I'm so glad you had a good Holiday. When I saw the little kids' production at church, all I could think about when Nathan would be old enough to participate. :)

AJU5's Mom said...

I love the pjs! And give Wesley a year and then he will (maybe) be interested in Christmas!

Sarah said...

Wesley is getting so darn adorable! Those cheeks! Also, Charlie is still so delightfully chubby and cute-- I am jealous of that, I tell you. That picture of his chubby widdle legs while he opened his stocking-- totally jealous. Harry is all bones and bruised shins-- no more baby chub.

Merry Christmas-- so very cute :)

Also, this holiday was our first encounter with Thomas merchandise-- yike$!!

Avonlea said...

Cute! We got our little boy trains this year, too. He loves trains. He was jumping up and down in excitement when he saw the train set.