Monday, December 22, 2008


Since I (like you) have tired of looking for supporting examples and want nothing more than to put on some Christmas music (I'm looking at you Harry Connick Jr., oh yes I am) and drink egg nog with Charlie and Wes while we create beautiful Christmas decorations from Cheerios and discarded paper towel rolls, I will give you some pictures of our latest Magical Childhood Experience. As you know, a Magical Childhood Experience qualifies as such by ending with one or more participants crying, high as a kite on sugar, or dirty. Charlie was good and sugared up and ready for a bath after both nights of our cookie making.

Roll out the dough
First you roll out the dough and require several reminders that the rolling pin is not a musical instrument OR a weapon.

Mmmm, flour
Don't forget to eat plenty of flour.

Cutting them out
The fun part, making the shapes!

The really fun part, decorating! The more enthusiastic the sprinkling, the better, apparently.

The really really fun part, EATING!


LL said...

You are brave.

Most of me can't wait to do projects like that with Landon, but part of me (the neat freak, clean part) fears for her kitchen!

choral_composer said...

That is awesome!!!!

....and that's the amount of mess I make WHEN I COOK ALONE !!!!!

Kyla said...

I love the post-cookie face.

AJU5's Mom said...

Looks like Charlie had a blast!

Hope you have a great Christmas as a family of four this year!

Sarah said...

So cute!

That's a lot of sprinkles.

We have recently downsized our baking plans to fudge (I love fudge) and rice krispie treats, which are the perfect thing for a 2 y/o to make :) Also we bought a 2 pound box of Fannie May to stand in for the cookies we planned to make.

mbc said...

These are WONDERFUL! You are so brave Becca. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas