Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Halloween Cousins
Charlie and Wesley with their cousin, Sibley.

Wesley Chick
Wesley's chicken suit.

Trick or Treat
Charlie and Sibley.

Trick or treating was a big hit this year, since Charlie understood the twin principles of "candy tastes good" and "people give me candy" much better than last year when all he wanted to do was be allowed to crawl around and play with the leaves on the driveway. Once I showed Charlie what his plastic pumpkin was for he didn't let go of it until we pried it out of his hands so he could go to bed. It is now on top of the refrigerator, loaded with treats, and he stands on the floor pointing at it and whining "Bucket? Bucket? Treat?" pitifully. Once we got home, though, he dissolved into tears the first time Ryan gave a piece of candy (the candy we bought to hand out, not Charlie's candy) to another kid who came to the door. Once Ryan explained that it was the other kids' turn to get candy (and that his candy was safely inside) he was off and running. He spent the next half hour standing on our porch holding a Hershey bar in his outstreched hand saying "Kids come? Kids come? Kids come?" He has a lot of love to give.


AJU5's Mom said...

How sweet. He wanted to do the handing out!

Kyla said...

Cuties! I love Halloween and seeing all the photos on everyone's blogs, like a little parade of adorable kids.

Hanah said...

Oh my gosh, I'm dying of the cute!

Sarah said...

So cute!!

Love the chicken suit!!!

Harry has been trick or treating his little plastic pumpkin every time he walks into the kitchen. I'm a bad mom.