Sunday, November 23, 2008

OK, yes, we need to get out more

Friday night my sister came over to hold down the fort while Ryan and I went out for dinner. All afternoon I carefully got everyone in their pajamas, put the bottles out, filled the bottle warmer with water, and gave Charlie some dinner. I fretted endlessly about my outfit, finally settling on a pair of brown wool pants and a sweater. I opened my mouth to complain to Ryan that I was "dressed like someone's mom" but then remembered that I am someone's mom, two someones' mom in fact and figured that my old pants actually buttoning was good enough for tonight. Besides, it was too cold for my Inappropriately Short Skirt and I lacked the matching Inappropriately Low Top to turn it into a "going out outfit".

When Katie arrived we shot out the front door like the house was on fire. I barely remembered to summarize Charlie's bedtime routine and show her the bottles Wesley was supposed to eat. I forgot to tell her where we keep Wesley's diapers and he fell asleep half dressed while she went looking for one.

Ryan held the car door for me and then spent the ten-minute drive to the restaraunt reminding me to calm down, that we don't have any small hungry children with us, that it was not a bad idea to go out on a Friday, that who cares if there is a long wait because then we will just have more time to relax together, and please stop appologizing and glancing anxiously into the back seat. The sight of a completely full parking lot and a patio filled with well dressed people enjoying drinks around a warm fire set off my panic alarms again as my subconsious flashed through images of entertaining a fidgety toddler and angry infant through a long hungry wait.

The never ending cries for food make you tense, you know? I didn't realize just how tense until I was in a situation supposed to be relaxing and pleasant.

At the hostess station we had to wait behind this annoying couple with lots of questions. I think I behaved appropriately but my inner foot was tapping and I may have rolled my eyes at Ryan a few times. Finally the hostess took Ryan's name and told us the wait was forty-five minutes and I yelped "OH THAT'S NOT BAD!" Ryan ordered me a glass of wine and we found a table right next to the fire outside. I'm sure if I hadn't asked for a glass of wine he would have suggested it anyway, given the way I screeched at him in the parking lot for passing the Mercedes SUV in the close parking space with it's backup lights on and sat hyperventilating and tugging on my seatbelt as he calmly turned around and went back to claim the open spot.

While Ryan was at the bar I saw another couple who was waiting for a table, standing unspeaking side by side, she angrily clutching their pager to her chest, and decided that I was going to relax and start having fun that second. Because anxiety? Is not an attractive emotion. Plus, Charlie and Wesley were in great hands, had days worth of food, and most importantly, THEY WERE NOT AT THE RESTARAUNT WITH US.

If not for the great looking menu we had perused during the wait I would have been a little disappointed when our pager went off and we had to leave our table by the fire. I could have sat there all night hanging out with Ryan, speaking in complete sentences, interrupted by nothing except a waitress asking if we needed more to drink or anything to eat. From our table we were facing a wall that had exposed metal beams sticking out of it. My first impulse was "Forehead stitches. Someone's going to run into one of those and need forehead stitches" despite the fact that they were about fifteen feet off the floor. Those beams were very distracting until our waiter delivered our chips and three types of salsa (all delicious, I liked the green one best) and then it was all about the food.


The salsas were fantastic, and then the waiter brought us freshly baked cornbread, which was amazing. And then our entrees came and they were SO GOOD. I told Ryan as much after (and during) every single bite.

We were out until 9:00 and then our car turned back into a pumpkin so we went home. Wesley celebrated our arrival by wanting to eat and I was in bed (sleeping) by 9:45. The boys gave us a little present by sleeping until eight o'clock Saturday morning (with a 4 am snack break for Wes, of course) when Charlie kicked down his baby gate and ran into our bedroom and climbed in between us for a snuggle and told us how much fun he had had the night before. That was nice too.


Rima said...

I'm glad you were able to have fun, when all was said and done. I'm that way too, whenever we go out without the kids, but it's very good for the psyche, no?

AJU5's Mom said...

I don't know what I would do without AJU5 for a few hours... I think I might just fall asleep sitting there!

Sarah said...

That sounds fabulous!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your night out!

Anonymous said...

I remember those first few ventures out into the real world. Nerve wracking AND heavenly.

Candy or David Masters said...

Ooooh, what a great time you had, I think I will go to the boat and make some cornbread right now!! xoxoxo Candy

sarah said...

getting out as a couple is FABulous!! glad you had a good time!