Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Not as good without the pictures

I planned to have adorable pictures of Charlie and Wesley sitting next to an Obama Biden sign ready for posting today, but I just got around to taking the picture this morning and I think Ryan took the camera's cord to work. Santa has promised me a new digital camera to replace mine (which I'm sure stopped working only because it was seven years old and not because I've been encouraging Charlie's budding interest in photography... anyone need fifteen pictures of Charlie's shoes?), but that's not until December, or until I finally lose it from not being able to find the camera or cord when I need it, whichever comes first.

We voted early, last week. I was giddy as I explained to Charlie "We're going to go VOTE!"

"Tugboat! TOOT TOOT!" he replied.

"No, VOTE!"

"Papa BOAT! Papa BOAT!"



"Right! Vote!"

"Tugboat? Toot toot?"

I hope he wasn't too disappointed when we walked into our community center and stood in a boring line so I could play with a boring computer that he wasn't allowed to touch. One of the election volunteers took Wesley for me and by the time Charlie and I finished voting he had attracted a small crowd of retirees. It took so long to get out of there that I was almost late to my church Moms' group, which is where I talk about grocery store coupons and potty training secrets for two hours in exchange for free childcare and coffee.

(it's actually very nice and I have made lots of friends there)

To commemorate the actual election day we went to the polling place and took pictures with the signs. As we were driving there I said to Charlie "Today everyone in the country writes down which cantidate they want to be president and whoever has the most votes wins and gets to be president for the next four years!" He was quiet for a second and then said "Yeah" thoughtfully. Then he got distracted by a passing train before I could get into the discussion I'd planned on the Electoral College and the two-party system.

After the polling place we went to Krispy Kreme to get our star-shaped, red, white, and blue donuts THAT THEY HAD RUN OUT OF. I tried not to let the dissapointment at the derailing of my election themed morning show. I think Charlie was too busy coating his entire body with glaze to notice.

Tonight I was going to make an election themed dinner for us to eat while we watch the returns on TV. The only thing I've thought of so far was GOP Elephant Burgers, but given Phent's position of importance in our family I think that might end badly. Any ideas?

UPDATE: Ryan brought pizza home. A new election day tradition maybe?


Steph said...

Always look to the crockpot lady for dinner ideas!


AJU5's Mom said...

I read someone else's blog about Vote vs. Boat... I guess we spend a lot more time talking to kids about vehicles and modes of transportation than voting and government...

Leslie said...

I would say you should cook something red, white, and blue, but there aren't too many blue foods. Perhaps a fruit salad with strawberries, blueberries, and bananas?

Sarah said...

Oooh-- blue corn chips and salsa. Moose Drool beer? My mom has a killer Jello mold in the shape of the US that she makes with red jello, blueberries, and whipped cream. Patriotism is delicious.

Anonymous said...

I think either elephant or donkey burgers sound rather suspicious.