Friday, October 24, 2008

Will you accept pictures?

I started a funny post yesterday about how our neighbor's lawn guys showed up with their leaf blowers approximately five minutes after I got both boys to sleep and laid down for a nap of my own, but I was having trouble conveying the apoplectic rage I felt at the time. Wesley woke up. I calmed him down, put him back in the crib, and got in the shower for a very long time. And when I came out he was asleep. So there really wasn't much to the story and I thought that a post filled with $#@%#@^$#'s would be tedious to read.

And then I was going to write about SLEEP! OH GOSH SLEEP! Who is and who is not sleeping! (I'll give you a hint... NO ONE IS SLEEPING). Because yesterday and last night? Were a little much. The reality that I am the only way he can eat and the fact that he needs to eat approximately every seven minutes were turning me into a panicked frustrated mess. The good news is that my prepregnancy jeans now fall off when I walk. Yay nursing on demand. But then I got over the little bug I had and now that I am not dehydrated anymore he is eating and then sleeping contentedly for almost three hours. Soooooo, oops! Sorry for starving you and then getting mad about your attitude, kid.

More good news about all that nursing is that I'm all caught up on the issues of Newsweek that I let pile up during that last dissertation push. Did you know that the world economy is in a crisis brought on by irresponsible and risky lending practices? Huh.

So, here are some pictures so you don't give up on me.

Charlie took this one. He brings me my camera and says "Charlie picture?" Other new phrases he uses regularly are "Wesley milk?" and "Mama coffee!!" This is not surprising as the two phrases Charlie hears most frequently are "Just a minute sweetie, Wesley needs some milk" and "Just a minute sweetie, let me pour some coffee."

They took a bath together. Charlie thought it was hysterical. When Charlie gets excited he bounces and splashes a LOT. It was a little scary for Wesley, but now that I think about it, it made him sleep for a really long time. That was the last time I felt rested. I think it was 1973.

Here he is wearing an outfit that swallowed him up while we were still in the hospital. It's almost too small now. At his two week checkup he had grown an entire pound and added three quarters of an inch of length from where he was when we were released from the hospital. Which is why my jeans fit but also why my abdomen looks like someone let the air out of it.

In summary, other than the house being a giant mess, we are making it. I can't believe he's almost a month old... and not in a "My BAY-BEE is GROWING UP" sniffle sniffle kind of way. More of a "SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT AND PLAYING TRUCKS HERE WE COME!!" kind of way. Harder to believe is that in less than two weeks we will have a TWO YEAR OLD. Which reminds me, I need to get on that birthday party thing in a hurry. And my revised dissertation should arrive in the mail today or tomorrow. "Mama coffee!!" indeed.


LL said...

Wesley milk, Mama coffee is the funniest thing I've read today - cracked me up. Landon would have to say "Mama diet coke" but I'm sure it's a phrase he'd learn quickly!

I'm glad to hear you guys are muddling through and that you got some sleep for at least one night!

SSU said...

It is crazy how fast they grow - and yet you don't realize it too much day to day. Glad you are getting a little more sleep and hanging in there!

Sarah said...

Sounds like you're doing great! Really, sleep is totally for wussies anyway.

Isn't nursing like the best diet EVER?? I am shoveling food in my face as I type this!

Kirsten said...

He's so adorable!

Kyla said...

That tub photo is adorable. Wesley looks like a tiny, slightly darker complected Charlie...right down to the hair 'do!

Rima said...

Of course I will accept pictures! Look at how cute your kids are! I don't even believe they keep you up at night (uh, kidding!)

sarah said...

They are so cute and you always make me laugh.