Monday, October 27, 2008

Under the Wire

This morning's fit of productivity would be all the more impressive if it didn't involve planning a birthday party for a birthday that is on Sunday and mailing a gift to a baby who was born three months ago. Maybe next I'll hang our flag out front for Fourth of July!

I am quite proud of myself for deciding to have Charlie's birthday party at the grocery store. What better place when you are spread as thin as I am? "Did you remember the forks?" "No, I'll just go by some!" "Cokes?" "I'll get those too!" It's ingenious. (It's actually at the park NEXT TO the grocery store with a duck pond and playground and a large deck with picnic tables. There will be no Musak. Or price checks) I hope it's not freezing, I do have trouble remembering that November means cold weather what with it getting all the way to 82 degrees yesterday.

I also started Wesley on cloth diapers and thought really hard about starting a load of laundry.

And then I read Dr. Advisor's "We need to talk about your dissertation. I will call you later this week" email three hundred times to see if I could glean some sense of his mood from the syntax. I was unable to do so and have now defaulted to freaking out. It's like in undergrad once when a professor returned an assignment with the dreaded "See me" scrawled in red letters across the top. I didn't hear a word of the lecture, but instead scrutinized every inch of the paper, looking for the egregious error I had committed to deserve the "see me". On the verge of tears I approached my professor at the end of class where he said "Oh hello! I just wanted to know if your last name was of Scandinavian origin." And then I almost threw up on his shoes. Why would you ever do that to someone? Seriously. (Ultimately he was one of my favorite professors. He and his wife attended our wedding) But anyway, in the mean time I'm supposed to be working on the revisions that HAVEN'T COME YET. I will continue to suffer mini-strokes each time the FedEx truck comes down our street.

Here's Charlie in his Halloween costume at the church's Fall Festival yesterday. You can tell by his clean face that this was taken before he won the cake walk and jumped in the Moonwalk.

Peter Pan


Rima said...

A November birthday party outside sounds divine! We had SNOWFLAKES here this morning. Ack!

I would feel the same way about the email from dissertation prof, but he does have a history about causing unecessary freakouts, does he not?

Sarah said...

OMG-- I just spit coffee on my computer screen when I saw Charlie's costume-- I LOVE IT!!! Please tell me Wesley is Captain Hook, you're Wendy, and Ryan is-- um, I don't know any other characters-- Tinkerbell? A lost boy?

Um, yeah. I'm revising, as well. Just stuffed a whole chapter with "suggestions" scrawled all over it into my desk drawer, in fact.


SSU said...

Having the party next to a grocery store is great! You know something will be forgotten by you or a guest (diapers? wipes? party necessities?)

apathy loungeq said...

It's warmer in the daytime and cold at night. Last night we discovered that both the AC AND the heater were not working. But at least I don't have to buy diapers anymore.

Andrea said...

Love the Halloween costume! I also love the bath photo... I sense a delightfully embarrassing moment 18 years from now when a girlfriend comes over for dinner for the first time... hehehehe

Kyla said...

Oh, he is too cute!!

I love the way you describe that kind of anxiety, it is perfect! And funny, as long as it isn't me experiencing the anxiety. LOL.