Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I feel like I should be knitting hats or something.

On Monday I caused quite the stir when I described to the nurse on the phone the doubling in size of my ankles and hands that occurred over the weekend and got myself my very own nurse practitioner's appointment.

While I was getting ready for Church on Sunday, Charlie saw me trying to cram my feet, which looked like something you'd buy at a bakery, into my cute little crossed-strap Mary Janes and encouraged me to "PUSHHHHHHHH!!" I can take a hint. I wore my sneakers. Converse All Stars to be exact. The laces provided just enough mechanical advantage to get them tied. And then I sat through an hour-long Sunday School lesson completely unable to move my toes before saying to Ryan "We have to go home. I can't go to church. I am very uncomfortable."

So I called the nurse on Monday and said "I'm sure it's nothing, but my feet and hands were about twice as swollen over the weekend as they were on Friday..."

[urgently] "Can you come in at 2:00?"

Uh, OK.

My blood pressure and protein were fine, but I had managed to gain four pounds in three days, which concerned the doctor who said it was all from fluid (this made me want to go buy a big box of Hostess Cupcakes immediately because fluid! It's all fluid! Nothing I ATE made me gain all this weight!). So I was sent home with orders to sit around with my feet up as much as possible and to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day (I complained about the water part to Ryan because a "glass" is hardly a standard unit of measure and therefore it is not possible to know whether I am having enough water or not. Also, more water means less sitting around and more waddling to the bathroom).

Sensible advice, but I still had to run some errands, pick Charlie up at daycare, then stand in the sun in the culdesac with my friends for an hour while the kids played, then wait another hour for Ryan to come home before I could start following it.

I was disappointed when the doctor didn't say "You're fine, but I think we should induce immediately... just to be safe."

So here I am... still giant, hot, not sleeping, caffeine restricted, puffy... but certainly drinking more water. I have another checkup tomorrow. Charlie will be there, so I don't have my usual hope of being asked to go straight to L&D (although what a GREAT story that would make! "Here's my birth partner. He's two!"). I'm thinking animal crackers and our garage door opener will provide enough distraction (he has, after all, just reached the age where he will think it's HYSTERICAL that Mama's taking off her pants in public), but it will be during naptime so let's hope it's FAST.


Marianne said...

Gah! I hope you're feelign okay, Becca!

I gained ten pounds the last week (the week late) that I was pregnant with Nathan. It sucked.

I'm thinking of you.

AJU5's Mom said...

So, you are the last of my friends who is due this month. Baby L (due 25th) born 19h, Baby M (due 28th) born today. I have down that you are due on the 30th - so I am guessing 25th? That would be tomorrow :p

Kyla said...

Hang in there. Man, I hate the end of pregnancy!

LL said...

I'm kind of glad I only made it to month 8, although I did have that "wake up one day and realize my ankles have been swallowed by a mound of flesh coming down from my leg" moment. Good times.

I hope things start happening soon! (though preferably with a birth partner who doesn't still need a nap time)

Sarah said...

Oh no! I totally had Shrek feet, too, and I couldn't wear my rings. I feel your pain, man.

Also, Harry came with me to all my appointments, and it was so freaking hard to leave a urine sample, I tell you.

Good luck-- I keep checking for baby news!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, but having a toddler running around the hospital triage area (with blinking lights and buttons and cords and cabinets with boxes of medical stuff that she is not allowed to touch) is sooooo much fun!

Staci said...

You've got a great attitude. I remember how frustrating all the swelling was, but you word it in such a way that I can't help but giggle. I bet that if you forget the animal crackers and accidentally drop the garage door opener down the storm drain you (and Charlie) will have a great chance of being sent straight to L&D. Murphy's Law. And if Ryan's in an unbreakable meeting it's a done deal! Hange in there. The finish line coming up fast.

Art Nerd said...

hang in there mama! the end is near. here's hoping for 4!

Dr. Maureen said...

Don't you find it ironic that the problem is excess fluids, so you have to drink 20 gallons of water?

Anyway, I hope you are not reading this because you are busy having a baby. Or wait. Only if it's not too early, because I forget your due date. Hang in there, you won't be pregnant forever. I PROMISE.

Hanah said...

Oh man that sucks. My feet didn't swell up that much until a week AFTER the baby was born, but it was still completely bizarre and unpleasant. I hope the baby comes soon!

Anonymous said...

Poor you! I can just envision your ankles because I've been there, my friend.

abdpbt said...

That happened to me, oddly, after I actually gave birth. My ankles were so swollen that there were marks on my legs from my *boot leg* pants--the legs had swollen up over them! Aaah. Not comfortable! I'm sure it's much worse when you're about to pop!

Hope you're ready to go soon.