Friday, August 29, 2008

Still Crazy

One day this week ten years ago I went up to the Wesley Foundation campus ministry at school and met this guy.

Ryan Bec in town

I was a freshman there for a small group meeting and he was a sophomore there for choir practice. It was the first week of school. I was talking to one of Ryan's friends about a big box of tshirts he was carrying when Ryan came out of the bathroom. Ryan says he liked me right away and I was thrilled to have an opportunity to call him a few days later when we and some friends decided to road trip to another city for the weekend (he was visiting friends, I was participating in a club swim meet, HA! Physical fitness is for suckers!). I sat on the floor in the hallway of my dorm and we talked and talked as neighbors left for class and then returned from class and my creepy roommate woke up from her nap and left for dinner (We still talk about that roommate, who would come back from the shower and stand naked in front of the mirror while she did her hair and makeup and brushed her teeth. The room was so tiny I couldn't get more than six feet away from her while this was going on. She also slept naked, or wearing her swimsuit).

Who could have predicted what (and who) the next ten years would bring?

In the Alvin

(Actually all of our friends could. When we called to announce our engagement after five years of dating most people's response was "Well, YEAH! Finally!")

By the way, I totally kicked ass in Calculus 1 my freshman year because the only way I could see Ryan during the week was to join him in the library every evening and study. Now we sit in the living room together at night working on our respective laptops and watching the Democratic National Convention. Some things never change. What's it going to be like when no one is in school?

In honor of the tenth anniversary of our meeting each other, Sweetie, I will think of something better to say as you walk in the door than "Charlie asked to sit on the potty TWICE this afternoon!"


Rima said...

Awe, I love reading stories about how people met! Now you have me all nostalgic about the college days.

Happy anniversary!

Kyla said...

I was singing along with the radio while reading this and I deteriorated into a fit of laughter when I read about your roommate. OH MY GOD! I'm still laughing actually.

Congrats on 10 years!

Sarah said...

You guys are seriously adorable!

We met in high speech camp. The dork-level of that encounter is impossible to top-- my students used to guffaw when I told them that, especially since speech camp is like band camp for slightly less cool kids.

choral_composer said...

you guys rock!

congrats on 10 years!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Every couple has a story and they're each so interesting. Before we were parents...we were individuals just waiting to meet the person with whom we would spend our lives. The details can be fascinating. Happy Anniversary.

Liz said...

happy anniversary! so nice to read that adorable story.
what a beautiful family!

Staci said...

Aaawwww...That's so sweet. What a great 10 years.