Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Panic Sets In

Yesterday I sent a non-committal little email to Dr. Advisor asking if he thought he would have time to provide me with some revisions (to my horribly incomplete document) before El Deadline Grande at the end of September and his response was "Sure! I've been really pleased with your progress and I can't wait to take a look."

So now he has it in his red pen happy little hands. And he freaking printed it. He has a paper copy he can take with him on his latest field project.

I kind of hope he opens the door of the truck during landfall and part of it blows away (preferably the parts where I forgot to remove the odd little notes to myself, or the parts where I get all full of myself and ramble on for several pages about something that will turn out to be totally incorrect, or the parts where I include titles on my graphs--the HORROR).

He eschews staples and paper clips in favor of a precarious stacking system, differentiating projects by alternating the orientation of the paper landscape-portrait-landscape-portrait, so there is some hope of, say, my inadequate Historical Research chapter being blown to oblivion all over the Gulf Coast before he has the chance to read it and store away amusing anecdotes about it to share at the department Christmas party.

Good thing I am in such a completely normal emotional state right now because I would hate to start crying when he goes over the revisions with me. That would probably be just as embarrassing as the first time it happened many many years ago when we first wrote a paper together.

Today I will be writing Appendix A: I'm Putting Myself on Bedrest Because I Should Not Be Allowed out in Public


SSU said...

Hopefully he didn't save a copy on his computer???

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better, my advisor waited until the day I was cleaning out my desk to move to NY before he told me I had done a good job with my graduate research, thesis, etc.

Sarah said...

LOL! That's totally me! I fuh-reak out the moment I turn something in--sometimes my advisor's name on an email in my inbox makes me blush when I am waiting for feedback.

Also, go get a pedicure or something--it's out of your control for now :)

anna said...

It will be fine! As long as they agree, eventually, to sign off on it, my advice is to take as little of what they say to heart as possible. Sometimes they like to knock you down just to remind you who is boss.

Art Nerd said...

Oh honey! Can't imagine how you're feeling right now, but hang in there! It will all be done with soon, I swear!

Kyla said...

Breathe, breathe!

You'll do fine, B!!

sarah said...

omg, you crack me up.