Sunday, August 24, 2008

Off his schedule, Off my rocker

We took Charlie to our monthly culdesac party last night and kept him up well past his seven o'clock bedtime. He was behaving so well and we were having such a nice time we figured we'd live a little, even though I knew in the back of my mind that keeping him up late, paradoxically, only makes him wake up earlier. So we stuck around long after dessert, sitting in lawn chairs with our neighbors while Charlie ran around with the older kids (and smeared cake frosting all over the back door of the house before LICKING IT OFF, a proud proud moment for me). We finally got him into bed around ten till nine. I was fully prepared for pain in the morning, but it's not like I was going to be hungover (and, honestly, once I wake up for that 5:30 trip to the bathroom I never really go back to sleep anyway since SOMEBODY can't keep his little body away from the area previously occupied by my lungs and that nagging feeling of near suffocation makes it tough to relax).

He SLEPT UNTIL 8:20. Normal wake up time is 6:30. I woke up without my little thirty-pound alarm clock for the first time in more than 21 MONTHS.

You would think that all that extra rest would have made us feel great, but morning is morning and it is never a good time for either of us. Example 1: I was leaning my entire weight into the back of our car at church this morning while Ryan ran around to the driver's seat to reset the parking break after the car started to ROLL AWAY while Ryan was getting Charlie out of his seat when this very nice couple from our Sunday School class walked over to say good morning and ask how I was feeling.

When we got home from eating lunch out at a restaraunt with WAITERS because Charlie was so well rested we were able to push his nap by about two hours AND STILL be out in public, Charlie easily went down for his nap. In contrast, we usually race home from church going about Mach 1 singing crazily and pointing out every imaginable roadside point of toddler interest in an effort to get him home and fed BEFORE he falls asleep. A nap that lasted nearly THREE HOURS.

Even after taking him to the pool (which exhausted Ryan and me, but not Charlie, ironically), and keeping him up slightly later than normal to account for the late/long nap, he was up running around in his room long after bedtime. I know because his room is right over the living room and the pitter patter of not-so-little feet is unmistakable. Neither is the sound of him knocking on the window and yelling when he sees deer or our neighbors outside. When it had finally been quiet for about half an hour I snuck up there to check on him. I crept down the hall and turned on the hall light and he scared the hell out of me by being RIGHT THERE standing at his babygate, looking up at me with squinted eyes. He pointed at the light and said "Light!" before skittering off to his bed where he knew he was supposed to be.

The last round of footsteps I heard occurred around 9:30. I haven't been up to check on him but he's probably asleep. 7:00 is going to come early for him tomorrow (for me too). It's a school day.

BUT! It is the first school day I will be starting at ONE HUNDRED PAGES! Oh yes, I worked dilligently this weekend to add my references, title page, acknowledgements, abstract, table of contents, list of tables, and list of figures pages (but not actual content, of course), and do all the formatting I can do right now and it bumped me up from eighty-one to one-hundred pages. Tomorrow I'm going to try to organize my conclusions chapter (ha HA like I have any conclusions yet).


Kyla said...

Maybe if you play your cards right EVERY Saturday can be a sleep in day. Niiiiice. At least until Bravo gets here, haha.

SSU said...

Good job on the dissertation! Hope 7am wasn't too early this morning!

Rima said...

The V-meister and her brother are sharing a bedroom here at my parents house and she absolutely cannot settle down at night for the sheer joy of it. The first night we were here, she fell asleep AT MIDNIGHT in the storage drawer of the J-dog's crib, and this morning I found her underneath my mom's desk. Whatever works, I guess. I hope your mornings continue to get better!

ann said...

Congrats on 100 pages! I did that with the formatting as well--it feels so nice to have the numbers bump up like that.

And extra sleep is always awesome.

apathy lounge said...

Sending all extra cohesive thoughts and dazzling verbal skillz your way...just in case exhaustion saps any of the reserve you're using now.

Sarah said...

100 pages is awesome!!

Monthly culdesac party?? How cute is your neighborhood??

Anonymous said...

What is it about toddlers and NEVER making up for lost sleep when we want/expect them to? Maybe you are onto something though. Have you considered a future career as "the baby whisperer?"