Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's like I'm an eccentric celebrity from the 80s

All day I write sentences like:

On the other hand, the author of the 2004 paper found a value of 1.44. (talking about myself)

The authors concluded that there was no difference between the two data sets. (again, talking about myself)

[Last Name] used data collected in 1998. (talking about, you guessed it, myself)

And then I pick up Charlie and all afternoon say things like:

That is Mama's drink.

Please don't touch Mama's phone.

Mama asked you to sit down in the cart and you didn't. Please say you are sorry.

It's enough to give someone a complex. If I'm not careful I might start using a fake British accent or referring to my house as "The Ranch". Or become a Scientologist.


Kyla said...

Hahahaha! You are so funny, B.

Shannon said...

You are so much fun! I love reading your blog and laughing. I just spent a few days with my parents, and I couldn't help but miss the days of blackened chicken diane (one mild, one spicy), grasshoppers, extreme toffee coffees, and the "alamo." Interesting note: I saw no signs of life at the alamo's next door neighbor's house...not even one cat. I wonder what happened...

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of going back to 80's fashion with the big shoulder pads. Except that I would have them be absorbent so that I wouldn't have to change every time Midgette spits up on my shoulder. Brilliant, right?

AJU5's Mom said...

Third person is the best! No wonder kids use it so much!

Sarah said...

You are totally Suede from Project Runway-- awesome!

Anonymous said...

How you combine motherhood and writing of a doctoral thesis...I'll never know.

mbc said...

Laughing, thank you!

We say those things at my house too (the bottom half, that is) if it makes you feel better.

Anonymous said...

My version of that is:

Do not bite Mommy.
Mommy does not like to be bitten.
Crayons are not for eating.
Do not try to feed Mommy the crayon.
That plant is a living thing, it hurts just like Mommy.