Wednesday, August 6, 2008

An exchange with Dr. Advisor

To: Dr. Advisor
From: Becca
Subject: Progress Update

[several paragraphs about "what I've been working on" leaving out, of course, mopping the kitchen floor, managing the household grocery budget, procrastinating on job applications, doing laundry, cooking dinner, House Appreciation Week, giving Charlie a magical childhood, and complaining bitterly about the heat]


Otherwise, Charlie has stopped falling out of his big bed, the baby seems to be growing well, and I am trying to do WAY too many things at once.



To: Becca
From: Dr. Advisor
Subject: Re: Progress Update

Based on my humble perspective, I think you will find that you will be trying to do WAY to many things the rest of your life. :o)


It's nice that he gets it.

(Yes, he uses emoticons. And the wrong form of "too". I was his editor and I moved.)


Anonymous said...

Hee hee....scientists can't spell :) --abby

Dr. Maureen said...

If my advisor had ever used an emoticon, I would have dropped dead of shock, and then got up to see what sort of snatcher had taken over his body. EMOTICONS? That would indicate... I don't know, emotions? A sense of humor? An attempt to communicate with a human being about something other than science? People are different, huh?

Rima said...

He sounds like a real winner! But at least he attempted humor, right?

Becca said...


He's a great advisor and a nice guy! I wasn't trying to be critical. I just thought it was nice that he understands the reasons behind my glacial dissertation pace.

Sarah said...

Emoticons :)

Also, glacial pace my ass-- there are a ton of (single men) people in my department who have been at it for YEARS. I think you're clipping along!

And yes. Too many things.

Kyla said...

He sounds like a good guy, despite the crappy time you've had with this dissertation.

SSU said...

I know a lot of ABD people out there - so you are doing fine! Glad he understands and is cool about things!

My Buddy Mimi said...

It sounds like he is one of the good ones.

Kirsten said...

Gotta love the doc! Couldn't ask for a better advisor. And don't worry about the glacial pace of your dissertation, you've got your hands (and belly) full! At least it's progressing. Hell will freeze over before I finish.

apathy lounge said...

I'm often surpirsed by the types of people who use emoticons. Now I'm not sure if I should be surprised at them...or surprised at myself for simply

Art Nerd said...

One of my most well-known professors used the Comic Sans font for EVERYTHING, including her manuscripts. So weird.

I don't believe my own advisor realizes I had a baby. Or if he does, he couldn't care less. Bleh. You got a good one!