Monday, July 21, 2008

Well that was a surprise!


Meet my new niece, Brava (Her real name is much much cooler), born on Saturday just after 1:00 in the afternoon. We weren't expecting her for another few weeks but at 8lb 10oz and 21.5 inches, I guess she had other plans. Brava is healthy and cute and eats like a champ. Yesterday when I was holding her she started fussing and I almost had to stop myself from whipping off my shirt and offering her a little snack--that part of Charlie's life was not that long ago! My sister is up and around and wearing pants with a button (which is more than I can say for myself these days).

She fell asleep all curled up on my chest (the baby, not my sister), her bottom on top of Bravo and her head just beneath my chin. I remember when Charlie was that small but it's all fuzzy and gauzy (which I think is how I was feeling then because I was taking a lot of painkillers). It sure is hard to imagine having Bravo with us in just 11 weeks... Probably because we have made absolutely no preparation at all and because I've been going to bed right after dinner most nights the upstairs of our house looks like a fraternity moved in.

To help me calm down about the giant mess Ryan declared this week "House Appreciation Week" and the goal is to unpack the last few boxes, clear out a space in the garage for at least one car, paint the guest room and buy a nice comforter, get the "nursery" ready (an alcove upstairs that currently houses our ironing board, Charlie's reading chair, and a huge pile of clothes bound for Goodwill), TAKE DOWN THE CHRISTMAS TREE THAT "WE" (RYAN!!) MOVED FROM THE OTHER HOUSE FULLY ASSEMBLED WITH ORNAMENTS AND LIGHTS STILL ON, consign all extra baby clothes, clean out the refrigerator, and figure out if two car seats will fit in the back of my Neon.

Ryan's going to have to do those last two because my gag reflex has gone all first trimester on me and I don't think I can install the car seat without giving myself a placental abruption. Oh how I wish the last item on that list was "buy car not designed for teenagers."

And then there's that other little project I should probably finish before Bravo is born.

Eleven weeks. Deep breaths.


Steph said...

Yay for nieces! My role as aunt is my favorite one to date. I can't wait to see pictures of Brava and Bravo playing together in a few months!

mbc said...

Oh, what a celebration for your family. Congrats Auntie!! Your mother must be elated.

Art Nerd said...

Congratulations on your niece! Lucy will have a cousin roughly that close in age, in just a few weeks. It'll be fun.

Sometimes I have to stop myself from whipping out my boob for Lucy, and we only made it to two weeks with breastfeeding! Weird, isn't it?

Good luck and try to stay sane

Rima said...

Thanks for the heart attack there, missy. I totally thought you had your baby and WOW! Pretty good sized for a preemie, too.

Your niece is adorable.

Kyla said...

You DID get me! I saw the photo in my reader and was like, "But she JUST commented on my blog! That's dedication!" But then, nope, you were just tricking me.

Congrats to the parents, Brava is a doll!

Anonymous said...

There's nothing like writing under a deadline. One of my former classmates actually gave birth the day after her defense. Best of luck!

Sarah said...

Holy crap-- you scared me!! What a cutie she is!

sarah said...

Is it weird that my first thought when I saw "Brava" was 'that's a cute name"?! LOL

She's precious.

Anonymous said...

ooooh she's beautiful!! Congrats on your auntdom! Awesome! :)