Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Charlie and the Big Bed: Going well, after an exhaustive 2 AM search yesterday I found him and Phent crying UNDER the bed, very confused, but otherwise he is doing well and sleeping about the same as before, which is very well, knock on wood.

Charlie's Vocabulary: He now says "Please!" hopefully instead of whining "Mine" when he wants something. Is much more pleasant and does not elicit dirty looks from strangers in public. Also says "Thank You" before leaving the table. He is more polite than me.

Also, when asked "Who is president?" he replies "Bush", "Who is Secretary of State?" he replies "Rice", and "Who is going to win?" he says "OH-MAMA!"

Bravo: Has a secret name! Woo! Is growing quickly such that when I bent over to unplug my laptop this morning I almost spontaneously delivered right there in my dining room. Had to sit down and rest after that. Also? The ligaments or tendons or whatever it is that connects your legs to your body? HURT. A lot. Walking normally is no longer an option. Is HOTT.

House Appreciation Week: Garage is much cleaner, no room for a car yet, but we're getting there, guest room comforter and shams have been acquired, Goodwill clothes have been delivered, nursery has been set up, thirteen-thousand teeny onesies have been folded and put away, refrigerator is still toxic

3-hour Glucose Screening: PASSED with flying colors! Bring the carbs.

Dissertation: Discovery of work-around for stubborn problem has left me feeling less homicidal, still at 70 pages, but have several handwritten pages of things to add.

Alcohol: Had Communion at church and a sip of my sister's beer Sunday night then removed all my clothes and danced on a piano. Referred to Ryan as "Esteban" for the remainder of the evening. Not really but man that beer sip tasted good.

NINE WEEKS TO GO and still so much to do.


SSU said...

Isn't it fun to figure out where they are?
You can get that dissertation done! I have faith in you!
And I would wait until like week 38 to clean the fridge because (at least for me) other gross stuff will end up there before then! You need it clean for the meals people bring after Bravo is born...

Kyla said...

Good news all around. Except the pregnancy related misery and the dissertation woes, of course.

Sarah said...

9 weeks is no time!!

Eat out a lot. Also, go on dates. And sleep.

Shannon said...

I'm so glad you write about what you are experiencing! Whatever it is that attaches my legs to my body HURTS too; REALLY BAD. I have 12 weeks to go...and so much to do!

Rima said...

I think I removed all my clothes and danced on a piano once after a pregnant sip of O'Douls. I was desperate and the fumes just went right to my head.

Glad you passed the sugar test, worked through the latest dissertation kink, and refrained from delivering in your living room.