Thursday, July 17, 2008

Excuse me while I vomit with relief

Anyone else watch Hopkins tonight (Episode 4? With the little two year old boy?)

The good news is that I will never sleep again so I should be getting lots of work done. You know, during those moments I'm not trying to climb into Charlie's crib to sleep next to him.


Rima said...

I can't watch those shows anymore. Please tell me the little boy is OK?

Becca said...

He's ok. And I read an article that said he's still thriving a year later. But it was TERRIFYING. I have never cried so much from a TV show.

Anonymous said...

Why I torture myself I'm not sure - I started watching and couldn't stop but I was so relieved when the little boy was okay!

Liz said...

I watched Hopkins at 3am this morning while nursing the newborn. The Mistah was up after the *sobbing* and we just fast forwarded through the Peyton parts.
Except the part where he got his new heart and toddled his adorable self right on out of that hospital.
Holy. Hell.

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh.

I did just get Discovery Health, which is all emergency L&D all the time. Yikes.

sarah said...

Didn't see it. Don't even want to know! I am still haunted by the ER from the first season, called "Love's Labor Lost", when the woman dies of pre-eclampsia after giving birth.

Seriously. That was like 12 years ago.