Thursday, July 3, 2008

Day two of my captivity

My mom and dad have Charlie for the day at their lake house. I could feel my mom rolling her eyes when I told her he needs to wear his swimming shirt and hat at the pool. At least I didn't tell her how much supervision he needs when he's eating grapes (I turned around for a second the other day to check on some browning ground beef and when I looked back at him he had SIX of them in his mouth)!

Anyway, off to have some fun writing about transfer functions and high-frequency energy and time histories. Thankfully my parents brought me some tea because I'm gonna need it.


Dr. Maureen said...

I still cut Jack's grapes into quarters because I can TELL he doesn't chew them. There are, shall we say, "signs" a day or so later.

Actually, I let him have a couple of whole grapes - closely montitored - the other day and you'd never have guessed it, um, later. So maybe we've turned a corner.

Sarah said...

I also still quarter grapes...Have an awesome writing day!!

Kyla said...

I hope you have a very productive day!

AJU5's Mom said...

I hope he enjoys the lake!
And I hope you "enjoy" the day to work!

sarah said...

I also still quarter grapes. LOL

I hope it's going well.