Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 17 of Your Dissertation is Your Life

66 pages. Am hoping for at least five more by the end of the day (one is already written). My strategy is lots of very large graphs. Also? Comma splices. Too many thoughts in one sentence! GAH!

Charlie is with my mom again. He is on the "one injury a day" plan. Yesterday day care called to report that "Charlie fell off of a table and got rug burn on his chin." Erm, he was on a table?? Not that I blame them, there are eight kids just like Charlie in there and he knows better than to climb on furniture, but when I got there half an hour later at pick up time he was still crying and only stopped when he saw me and that was hard. Then this morning for no reason at all, while both of us were standing close by, he flung himself off of Ryan's desk chair and landed awkwardly on hands and knees splayed across one of the rockers on a nearby rocking chair. He was unhurt but totally freaked out. I think this is all because his legs are growing at a rate of about three inches a night. Anyway, I'm hoping he doesn't scare my mom too bad.

Open on my desktop is the most recent email from Dr. Advisor as motivation:

"Great idea!! --Dr. A"

So that's nice. And I'm going to treat myself to a nice lunch too.

Time to start page sixty-seven (and I was proud of my sixty pages until Dr. Math Professor said dismissively, "Yeah, sixty pages is a good start").

UPDATE: Guy at the sandwich shop gave me three cookies instead of the one I ordered (And yes, I did point it out to him before I ran gleefully out to my car with the loot, that karma, it'll getcha). Guess he has a thing for sweaty, unshowered pregnant women wearing their husband's old college tshirts. Sex-ay!

UPDATE 2: 70 pages and my eyes are starting to glaze over (note: fewer cookies next time) so I'm meeting Charlie and my mom at the sprinkler park. I have several things written in my notes that need to go into my Official Dissertation dot doc, so I bet I'll meet my five page goal by the end of the day.


Rima said...

I have never in my life written anything 67 pages long, and I never will. You go girl!!!

Sarah said...

Yay for you! 67 pages AND extra cookies??!!

Leslie said...

woo hoo for 70 pages! Keep is up Becca :)

sarah said...

70 pages? wow. That's really impressive!

Yeah, Ethan's just started climbing things way too successfully. It's unnerving when I walk into the dining room and he's at eye level because he's standing on the table.