Friday, June 20, 2008

When Nerds Go on Vacation

This morning Ryan and I are in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, home of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Laboratory eating breakfast in a little coffee shop which overlooks the ferry terminal. Guess what, they have a computer that anyone can use! And also, chocolate croissants and iced tea! Whee! This is my kind of place.

Our plan was to go to the aquarium later but it doesn't open for nearly two hours and someone who wakes up with the extremely early rising east coast sun (like 5:15 here) may not make it that long. We did have some concerns about Charlie and the touch tank anyway ("Honey, that needs water to breathe, put it back please").

Our planned meetup with blog friend Dr. Maureen (can't do hyperlinks on this computer) did not happen as planned because we got lost. Again. And we would have been more than an hour late. It was so disappointing because she seems like a ton of fun and I was really looking forward to meeting her and eating ice cream and letting Charlie and her little Jack (both 19 months old) play together. After driving the entire circumference of Boston before learning of our mistake I bought us a road atlas (we like to call it "the book that saved our marriage") and we spent the next half hour driving through the suburb of Milton looking for a commuter train station to get into the city (based on bad directions from a guy at a gas station) before bagging that plan, finally finding the interstate again, taking a short trip through a sketchy neighborhood called Roxbury, and parking near Northeastern University. We breathed a huge sigh of relief when we finally got on the T and were on our way to see the Make Way for Ducklings ducks.

Charlie found the T a little intimidating but loved riding in the stroller through Boston Common and the Public Garden. He was so completely enchanted by the ducks that another tourist asked if she could take his picture. He patted each duck gently and exclaimed "Duck!" and giggled, occasionally looking back at us and saying "DUCK!" and beaming proudly. It was so much more fun than I had even imagined.

We rode the T back to our car, got dinner at a deli, and set off towards the highway we needed aided by some directions provided by a cab driver we were lucky enough to be stopped next to at a light. Sick of being lost and wasting time I yelled "HOW DO WE GET TO 93 FROM HERE?" out the window. His directions were perfect and we were on our way again finally.

Well, there are some scientist looking types looking like they want to use this computer so I better say goodbye. Tomorrow we are back to South, back to ninety degree weather, and back to dissertations and work and daycare. This has been a great and much needed break.


Sarah said...

Yay! Glad you're having fun. Driving in new cities can cause major marital distress for us, too. Especially because I am usually totally wrong and sure that I am totally right.

Dr. Maureen said...

I *am* tons of fun, and we were very sad to have missed you. But my aunt lives in Milton! Woo!

And also, I have to take partial responsibility for your lostness, as I definitely told you exit 28A/route 28, and that does not exist. It is exit 38.

Do you know, we don't have a copy of _Make Way for Ducklings_? I obviously have to buy it immediately so that Jack knows what is happening when we go take him on the swan boats.

You have beautiful weather for the cape! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Good call on taking the T in central Boston. It's a nightmare to navigate by car--always a one-way street in the opposite direction of where you actually want to go.

Anonymous said...

Is it sad that when you said "Woods Hole" the explanation about the lab wasn't even necessary for me? *Obviously* thats the only thing there.
It was great talking to you yesterday and I'm glad you got a nice vacation!