Saturday, June 14, 2008

We're Off... Sort of

This is what going on a week-long vacation with a toddler looks like:

Not pictured: stroller, giant carseat, toddler.

The two carry-ons contain toys, books, food, diapers, and clothes for Charlie and a paperback novel for me (Middlesex).

Charlie is having some quiet time after a very cranky morning (does not bode well for plane behavior) and Ryan is out buying us some breakfast tacos and caffeinated beverages. We dropped Rossby off at camp earlier this morning.

Yesterday at the grocery store I asked Charlie if we were going on a plane and he said "Bye bye!!" blew a kiss and put his arms out and made an engine noise. I wanted to get it on video for you (he does it pretty regularly) but like I said, CRANKY. He didn't want me to get him out of bed this morning and when we finally coaxed him downstairs the fact that I wouldn't let him play with my stapler made him very very angry. Usually when this happens he buries his face in a chair in the living room and cries but since I moved that chair yesterday to another part of the room he was forced to bury his face in the carpet on the stairs instead (there was a lengthy selection process involved during which he wandered around the living room whining pitifully rejecting the two ottomans and a hard wooden chair before finally running to the stairs).

Then I tried to make him take a nap without Phent because I was worried about forgetting Phent if I took him out of the bag. Not one of the other friends in the crib would do (not Joe the dog, Dog the dog, Bunny, or his other blanket that feels and smells exactly like Phent). So now Phent is back in the crib and I swear if we get all the way to the airport and realize that he is not with us I will be driving back up here to get him.

I decided not to take my laptop, you know, just to see if I really would die without it. So I'm not sure when I'll next get to post. Have a great week!


Pete the Brit said...

Enjoy the week away - and enjoy 'Middlesex', I thought it was a great novel.

mbc said...

You're a brave woman. I can't wait to hear of your vacation adventures.

Sarah said...

Have fun!

Sarah said...

also "lengthy selection process" made me giggle

My Buddy Mimi said...

Have fun!

We tried our first trip without the pack'n play in May, and Mimi fell of the bed in the middle of the night. Way to go, Mom! But I do look forward to the day that we can skip that part of the packing equation.

Kyla said...

No laptop?! You're crazy.

Have fun!

LL said...

Good luck on the plane - Landon actually did great this trip, so we'll send you our good plane karma!

Isn't it amazing how many accessories such a little person needs? JP and I had one little suitcase between the two of us and Landon had three bags. And he doesn't even help us carry them.

apathy lounge said...

I was gonna simply can't take all that baby stuff and NOT take at least one (or two or three) books for yourself. Middlesex is good. Enjoy!