Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thoughts I had during the wonderful spa pedicure Ryan gave me for Mother's Day (that I finally got around to)

-Ahhhhh, this is great. I have coffee, I have magazines, my chair is vibrating, and this foot water is nice and warm and bubbly.

-Hmm, I didn't realize baby powder got sand off of sticky kids' legs, I'll have to try that next time I go to the beach.

-Wow, I've never even thought about rinsing off my sand chairs so they don't rust in the--GAH!!!!! "Good Housekeeping" is NOT A RELAXING MAGAZINE!!

-(shuffle shuffle shuffle) "People". MUCH better.

-SHE'S dating HIM??

-OWWW that is SHARP!!

-OW OW OW OW--ooh pretty cuticles!

-Sheesh the girl in the next chair is kind of a princess.

-I need to clean Charlie's bathroom. And do some laundry. And redo those spreadsheets I made on Monday. I wonder if the 10-minute averaging versus 15-minute averaging is important. Should I redo them or are they fine like they are? What should I include in my presentation to Dr. Advisor on Monday? I need to make a good impression so he'll hire me after graduation. What should I make for dinner tonight. We've had chicken twice this week already. Meatloaf? No, it's too hot. Hmmm. We are out of milk. And toilet cleaner. How much is left in the grocery budget this month? Don't forget to buy baby Motrin. I hope Charlie's mouth doesn't hurt right now. Poor poor Charlie.


-Hee that tickles. Don't reflexively kick pedicurist.

-Don't kick don't kick don't kick don't kick. Phew.

-Yeah, thanks, got it, I promise to use a base coat next time so I don't dye my toes purple permanantly. Why on earth did I just tell her I usually paint my toes with my shoes on five seconds before I leave the house?

-This is a NICE PLACE! Stop trying to be funny!

-Is she SANDING my feet? Did not know feet required sanding.

-Yay foot massage time! Ahh.

-Eww, I wish I had shaved my legs this morning. Oh eff it I have a toddler she's lucky I took a shower this week.


-Huh, it takes nail polish forty-five minutes to dry? That explains a LOT.

-OOH! Pretty toes!

-Must find a way to finance weekly trips here.


Rima said...

So THAT'S WHY you need a base coat! Huh.

I'm glad you (semi) enjoyed your pedicure. I have never, ever gotten one and probably never ever will because I am deathly afraid of someone seeing and/or touching or otherwise manipulating my ugly ass toes.

Sarah said...

Mmmmmm, pedicure....

I also have a GC to use, but no time (unless I can take a breastfeeding baby... hmmm...)

What color did you get?

Leslie said...

sweet! I just got my first pedi a few months ago and I'm hooked.

SSU said...

I am just waiting for a chance to get my hair cut... I do not dare try to do it with a 6 month old tagging along!
I am envious!

LL said...

I just had a pedi the other day and I spent much of time time alternating b/w thinking of things I needed to do and berating myself for not relaxing.

I'm glad you were able to relax for a bit and not kick your pedicurist in the face. I also have to battle with that ticklish reflex.

Kyla said...

I'm totally weirded out by the thought of someone I don't know rubbing my feet and such...but I'm so glad you had an (almost) relaxing time. LOL.

Avonlea said...

Ooooooo, pedicure....

If it were the ladies where I've gone for pedicures, they would have convinced you to let them wax your lower legs since you hadn't shaved. Letting someone else rip off the wax is a lot easier than doing it yourself!

sarah said...

I have had that same conversations w/ myself, minus the career planning element of it b/c I am currently completely ambitiousless in that arena. but the rest of it? right there with you.