Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Maybe he'll learn something

Is there anything more delightful than the sound of twenty-four crayons pitter-pattering to the floor after flying through the air, regrettably just out of reach of the one whose job it is to dole out grapes and ensure that no fun is had, ever?

To Charlie, the answer would seem to be no.

Meet my new research assistant.

My new research assistant
Here he is helping me edit a draft of my dissertation. Really should have put some page numbers in that.


My Buddy Mimi said...

He does look like he has something to say though. Maybe he caught a typo?

SSU said...

Is Charlie up for helping me grade exams in a few weeks? Students tend to like colorful grading - it is a lot better than the bleeding of a red pen!

Sarah said...

nice! can you acknowledge him as a reader?

sarah said...

too cute.