Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I appologize to those of you who still use dial-up

But I had to show you these two videos of Charlie partying like it's 1999 at my cousin's commitment ceremony on Sunday.

The ceremony was very meaningful and beautiful with lots of special moments of family participation. The chuppah was a quilt composed of squares made by different people who mean something to the couple and it was beautiful.

And the reception? Let's just say I am DONE with Protestant weddings/comittment ceremonies. This one, which was Jewish, made our wedding look like a wake (and I had a great time at our wedding). When the couple arrived, instead of polite applause and sidelong glances in the direction of the kitchen to see when lunch would be served, the band started playing lively music and the entire crowd joined hands and ran around the room together, then we carried the couple around on chairs, and then we all stood in a circle and clapped while guests performed funny little skits like magic tricks and juggling. It was a true celebration and the joy of the day was shared by everyone in attendance.

There were many special personal touches at the reception, just like the ceremony. A and M (the couple) and a few family members made each guest a beautiful pottery bowl and one was set at each place when we arrived at the reception. We used them to eat our soup. My uncle made cutting boards and one was at each table holding a loaf of challah made by my cousin's partner.

We stayed a night at a big house with all my cousins and their boyfriends/girlfriends and my aunt and uncle and all the exchange students they hosted throughout the years. There were conversations going on in English, Spanish, and Italian at any given moment and you never knew when the switch was going to occur. We were little kids the last time we were all together and I loved getting to know my smart, successful cousins as (extremely accomplished) adults.

Now we are in Maine and my grandma and uncle are out on the porch feeding the seagulls leftovers from last night's dinner. They usually name the regulars and right now I can hear them talking about Bill and Hillary and Obama (the seagulls). Charlie is taking his second long nap of the day after a trip to the train museum and out for ice cream.

Tomorrow we are off to Cape Cod with stops planned to meet a blog friend outside of Boston and a trip to the Public Garden so Charlie can meet his duck friends from Make Way for Ducklings.

Some future post titles may include:

-Ways to get yourself shot: Getting lost in Philadelphia While Driving a Rented Minivan
(alternate titles: Charlie Learns to Swear; Didn't We Already Pass a Block of Burned Out Row Houses?; There IS NO I-76 W and God is Laughing at You)

-Cheaters Always Win: Balancing the needs of your toddler with rules set forth by the flight attendants

-Cold Weather: It's Not Just for Winter Anymore (or Maybe Next Time You Should Pack Some Long Pants and a Coat When You Travel to New England in June ya Moron)


Rima said...

Oh yeah . . . he's got the moves!

Glad you are enjoying your weekend.

jenn_ky said...

Oh my - he is poppin' and lockin' in that first video! You better start the boy-band grooming now...there's no better way to fund your retirement.

apathy lounge said...

Sounds like an awesome ceremony. I wish the two of them the best of luck and happiness. And look at Charlie...getting down with his bad self!

Sarah said...

Oh my god he's a funny dancer. So cute!

Kyla said...

Oh my! What a ladies man! Very cute!

Glad the wedding was fun!

Anonymous said...

Barely 1 and already a hit with the ladies :)

Is he doing the robot? Poor Charlie..I think he inherited his daddy's moves