Friday, June 6, 2008

Drama in the Suburbs

Ring ring ring...

Me: "Ryan, holy cow! There's a helicopter circling our house and there are cops all over the frisbee park across the street!"

Ryan: "Ooh, cool! I bet they're looking for HOA violators."

Me: "Oh crap you've repaired the car in the driveway twice this week! And the awning on Charlie's swing set is STRIPED! It's supposed to be solid! I can't go to jail! What about mah baybees?"

Ryan: [stern voice] "Man with the boat in your driveway! You are in violation! Come out! We have you surrounded!"

Me: "Heh heh. Your flower beds are unkempt and your deck is stained a color that was not approved by the architectural committee! You better hire an attorney!"

Ryan: "Heh. What do you think is happening?"

Me: "Well the cop I talked to said I had nothing to worry about. Yeah right. I'm sure they just like to take the helicopter for a spin when things get slow. I'm going to the coffee shop just in case."


Liz said...

this made snarf my water!

especially the bit about the striped awning on the play set! heeeeeeee!

SSU said...

So did you watch the news to see if they mentioned it?

The HOA thing made me laugh! Luckily we don't live in an area with an HOA!

mbc said...

Hilarious commentary!!

Seriously though, we have an Apache flying low over our house on a regular basis--I wonder if it was the same? Did you see it?

Kyla said...


We saw the copters videoing the NYC building climbers out our hotel window. Crazy, eh?

apathy lounge said...

Hey...some neighborhoods do take stuff like that to some crazy extremes, no? Deck stain! Striped awning! You made me laugh.