Friday, June 13, 2008

Behold my procrastination skills

My to-do list (for today and to get ready for our trip, which is tomorrow):

  • Take shower
  • Shave legs (will likely require several disposable razors, an hour of my time, and the help of a certified yoga instructor)
  • Eat lunch (have not been to store sooooo a box of frozen spinach and a bowl of cereal with leftover formula on top maybe?) UPDATE: String cheese and salsa omlette. Was delicious.
  • Go to store, buy nutritious yet fun yet not liquid or gel airplane-appropriate toddler food that is not messy yet takes a long time to eat (advice welcome)
  • Finish Matlab code I started on Wednesday, summarize results, email advisor
  • Pack for me and Charlie (SWIMSUITS! Wedding clothes! Camera! Tums! Colace!)
  • Remind Ryan to pack
  • Print assorted itineraries, confirmation emails, and directions
  • Check in for flight online (Southwest bastards and their useless "family boarding" AFTER their business passengers because what executive DOESN'T want to get hit on the head with a Britax Marathon as I pass by him lugging Charlie and all of our crap)
  • Calm the heck down
  • Remind Ryan to pack
  • Charge iPod
  • Laundry (I feel like I'm spelling this wrong)
  • Straighten up the house (so I don't have an anxiety attack when we come home next week)
  • Comlete Superfund-style clean-up of car. Locate and remove source of terrible smell of mystery (suspect leaking sippy)
  • Get Charlie a haircut (would be great if I could get one too but I can pull off the bedhead look better than he can pull off the mullet look so he wins)
  • Remind Ryan to pack
  • Write witty, thoughtful guest post for baby-delivering blog friend

Things I have accomplished so far:

  • Buy breakfast at Dunkin Donuts
  • Attend OB appointment that I forgot about until I was in the drive-thru line at Dunkin Donuts
  • Chastise self for eating breakfast at Dunkin Donuts after learning monthly weight gain at OB appointment
  • Return to Dunkin Donuts to exchange mistake iced coffee for the iced tea I had ordered, pride self in polite assertiveness, realize I just spent twenty minutes correcting a $1.99 mistake
  • Find someone to watch Rossby while we are gone
  • Visit aunt to pick up birthday gift
  • Swing by maternity clothes consignment shop hoping to find something to wear to the wedding that makes me look like Jessica Alba
  • Resign myself to looking frumpy and mom-ish for at least the next year
  • Say a lot of bad words
  • Chastise self for eating breakfast at Dunkin Donuts
  • Rearrange living room furniture
  • Become overwhelmed with magnitude of to-do list, resort to updating blog instead


Anonymous said...

So funny! Thanks for pausing amid all the chaos to keep us updated.

We had a rental car with a smell of mystery too, and we were so very glad that we could return it at the end of the week. I'm assuming we left some fun surprise for the guys cleaning the cars between customers.

Leah said...

Raisins in the little tiny mini boxes, seriously.

You will also need a Travel Aquadoodle, a pack of teacher reward stickers (assloads of stickers for like $3.99), and some tiny choking hazard toys that he will enjoy b/c they are usually forbidden. (Just don't like watch him shove them down his gullet. Prevent him from doing that. Otherwise it's all good fun.)

And anyone who sits in an aisle seat in one of the first few rows deserves to be whacked with a Marathon.

SSU said...

You can now bring a lot of baby/.toddler things with you. Here is the link to the TSA:

I hope you have a good trip! And don't worry about the weight gain - I gained 20 mounds in one month once...

mbc said...

Bless your heart!!

Sarah said...


I love Dunkin Donuts so much-- also, I think my time might be worth LESS than $1.99/20 min.

Have a fun trip!!

Kyla said...

We are cut from the same cloth, I think. LOL.

mbc said...

Gosh I do this too....I'm glad to know someone else shares in my sickness.