Thursday, June 5, 2008

And then some shingles blew off our roof and we all had a good laugh

Um, so, yeah. That little runny nose/extreme crankfest that I've been telling Charlie's day care is "a touch of seasonal allergies and maybe some teeth" for a week? Seems to have been an actual factual, totally crappy, um, cold. That is, unless seasonal allergies and teething are contagious.

In the name of minimal risk to Bravo my cold arsenal has been limited to Sudifed (Now with no pseudoefedrine! Wailing! Rending of garments!), rest (silly, silly nurse), and a humidifier at night (not currently operable pending thorough mold cleaning).

Today also marked the third day we have been experiencing winds in the 30-35 mph range with gusts as high as forty-freaking-seven miles per hour. In some parts of the country, and if it was also raining, that would be called a tropical storm, given a name, and Ryan wouldn't have to go to work. As it stands I am expected to trudge through my usual activities, blinded by hair permanantly affixed to my lip gloss, sneezing uncontrollably at the very thought of leaving the house. Did you know you can have allergies and a cold at the same time? Did you know that neither Sudifed nor Claritin completely fixes either one? Did you know Claritin costs $1 a dose? Good heavens.

Ultimately I found the uncontrollable sneezing and eye-itching more annoying (and off-putting, sorry friend I had lunch with) than the ringing ears and sinus pressure and went for the Claritin.

So anyway, the wind has made it sound like we live on a ship. Lots of creaking and howling and mysterious thumping noises (if we shared a common wall with our neighbor I'd be jealous). I had assumed our lawyer neighbor (the one with the lawn guys) was just outside playing bongos on his city-issued trash can all night, but it turns out the sound was shingles flapping in the wind near the peak of the roof over our porch. Charlie FOUND A SHINGLE in our side yard today.

We have officially joined the ranks of our clinically crazy neighbor in the old town whose fifty cats and clove cigarette habit prevented her financially from maintaining her house, resulting in a sprinkling of shingles all over our driveway every time the wind blew.



Hanah said...

You can get real sudafed from the pharmacist without a prescription. They just keep it behind the counter, and in some states you have to show ID.

Also, the off-brand claratin is much cheaper, especially if you can find it at Target. I got a bottle of 100 doses for about $25.

Shannon said...

At first, I just thought this was an average, funny post. Then I read the part about the former neighbor in the former town whose shingles landed everywhere. This is hilarious!

SSU said...

Being sick and pregnant is no fun because they never let you take the good stuff - well - without being in the hospital that is!

I hope you get to feeling better and the winds die down some! We get winds here, but not the other stuff to go with them at least!

Rima said...

First the killer insect, now the shingle in your yard! It sounds so exciting!

I hope you and Charlie feel better soon, though.

Sarah said...

Ha! My hair is ALWAYS in my lip gloss!!

Hey-- have you tried that nose teapot thing w/ saline? Totally awesome. I also like Ocean nose drops.

Hilarious post, but sorry about the roof :(