Thursday, May 1, 2008

You've got to be kidding me

When I was pregnant with Charlie I had cravings for JUNK. I remember the first one so clearly. I was at home in my pajamas watching something awesome like Law and Order while Ryan spent a few extra hours in the lab. And that's when I knew. I HAD to have cheese fries. With bacon. And ranch dressing. Nothing else would do. I called Ryan and in twenty minutes we were sitting at a sports bar near the university tucking into the biggest plate of cheesy, baconey goodness you've ever seen.

Later it was spicy food. Again I called Ryan, this time crying in the marinade section of the grocery store because I couldn't find anything spicy enough. He took me out for wings and I ate until my eyes started watering.

So what was my first craving this time? The one thing I just could not stop thinking about? The thing I HAD to HAVE or I would just not feel right the rest of the evening?

Romaine freaking lettuce. With balsamic vinaigrette.

The family on Wifeswap (again with the quality TV) was having a huge bowl of salad and it looked so yummy. Eating cool, crunchy lettuce was all I could think about. I started to feel vaguely sick when I thought about eating anything else--even the slice of apple pie I had waiting for me in the kitchen.

In particular the Cesar greens with balsamic vinaigrette from the Macaroni Grill was what I wanted. Ryan offered to go get it for me, a trip that would have taken about an hour round trip, but instead I ate nearly five cups of lettuce from the fridge with the last of a bottle of Paul Newman's Family Recipe Italian dressing. At 9:00 at night. AS A SNACK.

I don't even recognize myself.

In other news, Ryan thought it might be good to have Charlie's potty out in the house so he could become familiar with it before we start potty training (I have no idea when that will be), so I set it up in the kitchen. We've been making a big production of taking him with us to the bathroom and saying enthusiastically "Charlie! Mama is going POTTY!" and when we change his diaper we say "Ooh! You went POTTY!" Last night we showed him his throne and told him it was HIS POTTY and Ryan sat him down on it with his clothes on. Charlie beamed and shrieked "POH-TEEEE"!

Ryan thought he might like something to read and I snapped this for the high school graduation slide show.

Becoming acquainted with the potty
(Here he is pointing to a picture of the Pope and saying "Papa!", which is AWESOME because I didn't even know he could speak Spanish, let alone name world religious leaders from pictures in a magazine)

This morning he asked to get down from his high chair and as soon as I put him down he headed for his potty to finish his juice in private.

Later he realized its potential as a huge 3-D puzzle.

Charlie thinks his potty is a giant puzzle

I don't think using the potty as a giant cup holder is a sign of readiness, do you?


Anonymous said...

Just wait until he starts hiding parts of the potty. Before he can actually use it you have to go find all parts of the 3D puzzle.

Sarah said...

When I was pregnant with Harry, I ate field greens w/ mandarin oranges, goat cheese, bacon, and Newman's balsamic dressing EVERYDAY for weeks.

Cute potty pics! Love the bottle-- Harry also likes a snack or a beverage on the potty!

Art Nerd said...

Charlie makes that potty look cute. My cravings recently have been running toward the healthy, also. Although my biggest aversion is lettuce. Ewwwww. I threw it up once and I can't even look at it now.

Doesn't it feel so good to eat what you crave, though?

Kyla said...

Uhh, now I really want cheesy bacon ranch fries. Like REALLY want them. Mmmm.

sarah said...

I so hope I crave lettuce w/ my next pregnancy because I am still trying to work off the cheese cake I wanted almost daily the last time...

apathy lounge said...

Also? Using it as a comfortable chair upon which to view cartoons? Not good. For me, all salty foods were something I HAD TO HAVE! Fries with ketchup. Kosher dill pickles. I feel your pain.