Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wishing I had that pizza right now

Ryan found a blackout shade in Charlie's window and pulled it down last night when he put him to bed. I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised because the people who used to live here turned this place into a childproofed fortress with all the bells and whistles including outlet protectors on the outlets on top of the kitchen counters (I can't figure it out either). Anyway, I laid Charlie down for his usual 9:00 nap nearly three hours ago. I just hoped for an hour so I could get a nap too.

When I woke up at the one hour mark I hurried downstairs to make myself some peanut butter toast before he woke up.

Then I caught up on blogs real quick before he woke up.

Then I folded two loads of laundry since I seemed to have a few more minutes.

Then I switched load three over to the drier and put the fourth load in.

Then I talked to two friends on the phone.

Then I emailed Ryan to declare him a genius for finding the blackout shade.

Checked pulse and respiration at hours 1.5, 2, 2.25, 2.5, 2.75.

Spent 15 minutes Googling "African Sleeping Sickness, American suburb occurences of"

He either likes it dark or that thrilling trip to Target to buy diapers and grapes this morning really tuckered him out.

Wake up buddy, Mama doesn't want to clean the bathroom!!


Sarah said...

Very productive-- I always slack during those naps because I am sure he'll wake up any second! Also, I miss the morning nap!!

Pete the Brit said...

note to self...by blackout shades for bedroom.

Kyla said...

Yeah, that handy pineal gland just keeps the melatonin coming until your eyes detect light. Niiiiice.

sarah said...

Note to self: get blackout shades for Ethan's new room....

sarah said...

oooh, I so did NOT see pete the brit's comment when I posted mine. How I hate being unoriginal....