Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Preschooler (not so) Express

Today we took the toddlers and our mom tote bags for a train ride at a park in our town. They had a really good time even though we forced them to keep their hats on and drink water every five minutes. It was like ninety-five degrees, which was OK in the shade, but when we got off the train I had a Charlie-shaped sweat mark on my shirt. I had a good time too. The train goes along a river by some nice shady trees and all the kids waved at people passing on bicycles (it's not a very fast train) and walking their dogs.

Train Ride
What I look like when I'm extremely hot. Not sure what was happening with my hair there, except maybe it's time to find a good root volumizer. Also, I am pretty sure that is not a pit stain on my shirt. Charlie spilled water on his shirt and he got me wet when I carried him to the train. Let's hope.

We were going to cool off by dipping our toes in the river after the ride but the five kids had begun some kind of group meltdown by the time we got everyone in their strollers so we decided to say goodbye.

I got back to my car to find that I had left the driver's side door wide open... again. That makes two times for this pregnancy and one time for Charlie's. We better keep the Neon if we plan on having any more kids. It seems to give off a nice "why bother" vibe to would be criminals.

Next week is the splash park, which my friend said is better than the pool because the moms/nannies/guardians don't have to put on their swimsuits. But if it's ninety-five again I will be wearing my swimsuit and playing in the water with the kids. Or maybe just lying on the pavement under the giant whale sprinkler (apropos, no?).


My Buddy Mimi said...

So I'm not the only one who tries to get her kid to play "beached whale." Hehehehe... No really, I'll just lie here, and you run around.

Sarah said...

Awww-- that looks really fun! And you guys are adorable.

We went to a splash park last summer, and I didn't know swimsuits were not necessary for adults, so I busted out my bikini before noticing that everyone else was dressed. Oops.

sarah said...

LOL--splash parks are wonderful, for exactly that reason! Lots of fun for the kiddos, no embarrassing bathing suit moments for the mamas!

Have fun!

apathy lounge said...

It reached 100 degrees here on that same day and I couldn't believe it. One day last week it was cool enough to wear a jacket and now....this. Business as usual.

mbc said...

That is so NOT a pit stain!