Saturday, May 31, 2008

On my eighth twenty-first birthday...

Ryan has declared the whole weekend my birthday and is making it really memorable. This morning we went out for brunch at a neat place downtown that has a great buffet. There are no pictures because I was busy eating enough French toast and migas (and sausage and banana nut muffins and potatoes, oh my!) to feed all three of us for a week (Bravo says "Nom nom nom delicious French toast nom nom").

THEN we went canoing (I changed my clothes in public again, ding ding ding that's THREE!). Charlie had a blast. He met some ducks right at eye level and saw turtles and fish. His favorite part was the swimming dogs. He also did some not-exactly-safe hanging over the side of the canoe to trail his fingers in the water but I had a good grip on the back of his puffy life jacket (which, really, I don't even know if he'd get wet if he fell in while wearing this thing it had so much foam in it).

"Je suis the river version of Jacques Cousteau. Je study zee turtles and zee ducks but I am mostly interested in zee golden retrievers, BIEN SUR! HA HA HA!"

Looks like somebody got into the SPF 50. Good heavens.

Ryan just left for the grocery store asking if I preferred Funfetti or chocolate icing.

And next up for me is TA DA!!!


I'm going with a mom friend (by ourselves! woo hoo no tote bags!!) and we're going an hour early because it is completely sold out (and also because we are eating dinner there...mmm....more food, cheese and tomato sandwich to be specific).

UPDATE: OH MY GOSH. I had already teared up twice before the opening sequence was over (Brady has gotten so BIG! And also, "My friends! How I've missed you!"). I got there an hour early and the line to get in was already out the door. Everyone was in good spirits (and most were drinking some good spirits). The audience clapped and cheered when the pink HBO logo came up on the screen and applauded at the end. I've been reliving it all day. It was wonderful. I'm listening to the soundtrack right now (there was an iTunes card in my card this morning from Ryan and Charlie) and get a little vaclempt when Mairi Campbell's 'Auld Lang Syne' comes on. There aren't many movies that I am truly glad I saw in the theater instead of waiting for the rental and this is one of them. Watching it with a room full of women (and it was nearly all women... there was one man in front of us who texted through the entire movie) who were all as excited about it as me was so much fun.


Matt & Alison Blokzyl said...

Oooo! You will love the movie! Happy birthday to you!!

Kyla said...

Hooray! That sounds wonderful!!!

Rima said...

Happy Birthday weekend!!! I like your celebrating style! I just saw that movie last night with a bunch of girlfriends. It was fabuloso, n'est-ce pas?

Sarah said...

Yay! Happy birthday!!

I saw a bunch of adorable dressed up women out last night who were seeing the movie-- so jealous!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a fantastic way to spend a birthday. Yay for you!

Anonymous said...

Heya Beck:
Many happy returns of your birthday, we (David and I) both hope all your wishes come true!!

Enjoying your great could be the Irma Bombeck of your generation. (Irma whooo?) Best to Ryan and Charles. Hugs all around. xoxO Candy

Marianne said...

Happy birthday to you, gorgeous lady!

I saw SATC this weekend too and loved it! It probably had one of the best goofy musical interlude scenes, ever!

Manager Mom said...

Cam your way via your comment on messing with texas... but dang... I wish I could see this in a theater! but like I said over there, with babysitters costing $15 per hour it is much more likely that I'll be squinting at my 20-inch TV, courtesy of Netflix, six months from now.

sarah said...

Happy birthday!

I saw the movie this afternoon and I couldn't agree w/ you more. I did not expect anything but some funky shoes and sex talk and I was blown away by how I felt when it was over.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated bday!! THe movie experience sounds fab...I must make it to the theatre SOON! I know I'll tear up, too!