Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Must find a way to become upper middle class

Yesterday I was getting Charlie's shoes on so we could go outside and wait for Ryan to come home when the sky turned dark and the house filled with this loud mechanical noise. The noise was getting louder and louder. Whatever it was was getting closer fast. I was sitting on the floor with Charlie in my lap so I could only see out one of the windows and I couldn't see what was making the noise. I was a little freaked out but tried not to show it. Rossby was all "TRIPODS!! IN THE FRONT YARD!! ENGAGE ENGAGE ENGAGE!!" Charlie refused to let go of my leg and demanded "Book! Book! Book! Book!" until I found Goodnight Moon.

The noise (from Charlie, Rossby, and the Tripod) reached a crescendo. My entire body was tense, unsure of whether to head for the tornado closet or call the police. One thing was sure, I was NOT going to get up and look out the window.

Finally, my curiosity got the best of me and I peeked out the window by the front door just as a man on a riding lawnmower passed by.

We don't have lawn guys. These were our neighbor's lawn guys. (They were thanking us for letting them use our driveway this weekend to get their trailer closer to our neighbor's back gate)

I set Charlie up on an ottoman so he could watch and hid behind our TV armoire so the lawn guy couldn't see me because then he wouldn't know that I was home (as if the eighteen month old child standing at the window shrieking "TRUCK! TRUCK! TRUCK!" didn't give me away).

I only ventured outside when Ryan came home. I ran out onto the porch with Charlie like "OHMYGOSH THESE GUYS JUST SHOWED UP AND STARTED MOWING OUR LAWN FOR FREE ISN'T IT AWESOME?!" Ryan was shaking hands with THE OTHER LAWN GUY with the WEEDWACKER whom I hadn't seen yet and thanking him profusely (Whatever! Appropriate, adult responses to someone doing us a very nice favor are SOOOO overrated!). Then he gave them a tip, which was the right thing to do I guess but come ON that was our Sonic money!

The whole thing left us feeling kind of awkward. Ryan takes good care of our yard. We don't NEED help. And it was after six and RAINING when they finished up with the blower. I considered inviting them in for dinner because they were SO NICE. But it was bedtime for Charlie and I'm sure they had other things to do (probably with people who had more than one dusty beer in the back of their fridge).

But they did a very very nice job. I secretly admire their edging job every time I pull into the driveway (don't tell Ryan, he would be crushed). Our neighbors? Are living the freaking DREAM.


Pam said...

Haha! I secretly admire our neighbor's edging too. Sometimes I try to make sly little comments to my husband about how nice their yard looks - and WOW look at that edging! Now I just have to figure out how to GET that edging!

Dr. Maureen said...

One of the advantages of having basically front dirt and weeds instead of a front lawn is that you don't need to mow it.

Kyla said...

Our neighbor sometimes edges our lawn, probably because we don't do it ourselves. ;)

My Buddy Mimi said...

Our landlord does the lawn for us right now. It's one of the major advantages of renting our house right now. Not that I ever mowed the lawn, but it keeps me from having to nag my husband about it.

Sarah said...

Ha-- dusty beer! Ha!

Harry almost passes out with excitement when the yard guys are around. The other day, they trimmed a tree in our neighbor's yard, and he nearly expired from the majesty of the moment.

sarah said...

This is one of the perks of renting in LA; apparently our rent includes a gardener to take care of the lawn. I find this so bizarre, but you can't find a place out there that doesn't come with a gardener included in the rent. Weird.

I guess it's something to look forward to for Ethan. I hope our edging looks nice.