Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bravo is a...

BOY! We are both really excited... even though now I will be totally outnumbered (even Rossby is a boy) and we will have to make bi-weekly trips to Costco to buy milk and frozen pizza and Tide in bulk about ten years from now. Charlie is FUN. And I know another boy will be fun too. Brothers! How cool is that?

For now he will remain Bravo because we haven't finalized his name and for now we are keeping our top picks a secret (because there still might be people out there who think Charlie's name is Joel or Tim, the two names Ryan and I called him for months and months, and no, neither of those is in our top five this time around). If you ask me in person I will tell you that we are still choosing between Spike and Bing.

Today we took Charlie to a farm to pick strawberries as part of Project Magical Childhood.

He met some donkeys:

He went for a wagon ride with his buddy E:
Wagon Ride
(I'm not afraid of dirt, I found the towel in my car after Charlie refused to sit down in the wagon despite my repeated requests to "sit on your bottom." Finally he found the word he was looking for: "HOT! HOT! HOT!" Oops.)

He saw some huge dogs:
Goats and kids

He terrorized some poultry:
When he saw these chickens he yelled "Ooh! Birds!!" and chased them. Later, while Charlie enjoyed his chicken finger basket, Ryan and I reflected on how much he loves birds and how one day we are going to have a very hard conversation.

And he picked, and ate, many...
Strawberry Picking

Strawberry Eating


A nice man picked a blackberry off a vine and held it out for Charlie. Charlie ate it and then spent several minutes following the man and signing "more" and trying to steal blackberries out of his basket (note: add "Hansel and Gretel" to our nightly book line-up). He became quite sneaky after we cut him off, secretly eating berries out of our basket as Ryan carried him to the car. Classic addict behavior.

And then he and Phent shared a two hour nap:

With Ryan keeping an eye on Charlie I was free to pick three times as many strawberries as one family can eat. It is impossible to walk by a perfect, red, juicy strawberry even if your basket is full. It seemed like such a waste to leave them behind. I also picked a ton of blackberries, which Charlie loves but I can never buy fresh because they are like $3 for four berries. Ryan gently suggested that I may have gotten a little carried away with the berry picking (although he was probably just glad I had something to distract me from complaining about my sciatic nerve for an hour). I was going to make a pie with the extras, but two little birds in my kitchen (I'm looking at you Ryan and Charlie) have already eaten half our haul.

If Bravo likes fruit as much as Charlie I may need to work at a berry farm next summer.


Art Nerd said...

Congratulations! Two boys, what fun! Charlie is looking like such a big boy in his carseat, oh my goodness! Have fun sifting through all those, ahem, seedy diapers today... ;)

Kyla said...

Yay boys!! I wanted all boys originally, but I'm glad I got a KayTar instead.

Mmmmm, berries!

My Buddy Mimi said...

Our last trip to pick berries ended with me trying to make preserves with the last bit that was starting to go bad. We had a very red and sticky kitchen afterwards.

HollowSquirrel said...

Two boys! Whoopeee! The berry picking looks fun and yummy. Hope the animals recovered from Charlie's visit!

Sarah said...

Yay! Brothers are awesome!! Congrats!

I hear you about the names. We called Harry Coper and Noah for months, and neither of those was in the running for Jack.

Such cute berry pics!

Rima said...

Yay! I LOVE boys! And if you can make 'em as cute as Charlie, you should just keep right on at it ;)

LL said...

Yay!!! Congratulations - even though I would love a daughter someday I'd be thrilled if our next baby was a boy; I'm having a blast with Landon :)

And I love your pictures, especially the captions. "Project Magical Childhood" made me laugh out loud in the library, as did "big dogs" and "terrorizing some chickens". We call every animal Landon sees a cat because of Lilly and my parent's lab in Texas was immediately dubbed "the big kitty", a name which apparently has stuck since we left :)

Marianne said...

Because I'm so challenged in keeping up with people --- forgive my tardiness.

But ... CONGRATS, Becca. I'm so happy for you guys. And also, please come up to Chicago for a visit. You seem like you're so much fun!