Tuesday, May 6, 2008

18 months and the hat totally still fits

Charlie turned 18 months old on the second and today he had his checkup. I took him out for a breakfast taco (he gets egg and cheese) before the appointment hoping a full tummy might keep him calm for the doctor, especially now that he has teeth. Turns out he loves the doctor but is completely terrified of his nurse, which makes sense because she is the one who pins him to the exam table and gives him shots.

Charlie has seemed awfully huge lately to both me and Ryan. He is starting to look a little crowded in his crib and I can rest my hand on his head when we are both standing up (a good steering mechanism actually). Recently I haven't been able to carry him as far, but I thought it was because of the pregnancy and because Charlie starts kicking and squirming around when he is tired of being held. So I was looking forward to putting him up on the official scale. Turns out he weighs a sciatic nerve crushing twenty-eight pounds and is nearly thirty-three inches tall. Which means in the last three months he's gained two pounds and grown two inches.

The doctor was impressed with Charlie's thirty-five word vocabulary, although it's actually thirty-six because I didn't tell him Charlie can correctly identify tater tots. And knows they come from Sonic.

I did tell the doctor that Charlie helps himself to grapes out of the vegetable drawer and loves to read Goodnight Moon (which he calls "Bye Bye").

Here are some pictures of my giant toddler-baby on Day 1 and out on the swing today wearing his hospital issue pom pom hat that still fits on his 95th percentile head (barely). That was twelve inches and twenty pounds ago and even though he now occasionally screams "NO!" at me and drops to a puddle of misery on the floor in public we are having more fun than ever.

Hi Charlie!

18 months


Sarah said...

Awwww-- so cute! Our hospital has these really creepy (and huge) knit hats-- now I want to know of they still fit Harry!!

Tater tots-- that's funny. You could just say his favorite movie is Napoleon Dynamite.

Congrats on your big healthy boy!

Kyla said...

Two more pounds and he'll have caught up to KayTar and she's got a full 18 months on him! LOL. I have to carry her a lot still because she is wobbly and fatigues easily. I'm glad she's a lightweight for her age for that reason alone, but 30 pounds is still heavy when you are hauling it everywhere! Haha.

He's so cute!!

Anonymous said...

I always wonder about the "avoid heavy lifting" advice during pregnancy. How heavy exactly? During the entire pregnancy, or just towards the end? And if the heavy lifting also involves a squirming and kicking toddler, that's worse, right?

Tessie said...

Those hospital hats! AD's still fits her too! What are they MADE of? The same thing as GUMBY, is what I'm thinking.

sarah said...

Too cute!! Take 8 lbs off of Charlie and you've got my little guy--33inches and 20lbs! LOL Can you say "string bean?"