Sunday, April 6, 2008

Oh right, mah blawg

Holy cow has it been almost a week since I posted anything? I have no excuse except that it has been nice outside and I've been working on my (incredibly frustrating, never-ending) dissertation a lot (including a particularly embarrassing afternoon Friday when I found the answer to the question I had just asked Dr. Advisor via email on freaking Wikipedia! I wonder if I can cite that as a reference). And I've been going to bed around 8:00 because pregnancy is magical (But hey! No more nausea! I'm free to brush my teeth with wreckless abandon! Whee! Now if I could just find the strength to walk up the stairs after 7:30 at night.).

Saturday I drove to a city a couple of hours away (despite my crazy hormone fears of being in a car accident and never seeing Charlie again) to attend the baby shower of my friend A. Shortly after I arrived Ryan called to make sure I had made it (I think I freaked him out a little by expressing my hormone fears out loud. While crying and yelling a little. Right before I got in my car) and I said "We're having a great time! We're laying on the couch together watching The Food Network. Just like old times." And it was just like old times, except for our two bellies (and the lack of Ruffles and French onion dip...mmmmm).

At the shower we played a game where you have to write down a baby word for every letter of the alphabet (A-applesauce, B-bottle, etc). A's sister and I got a little loopy and totally lost touch with the point of the game, which was to fill out the form quickly, and decided to help each other be extra creative instead. Which is how we ended up writing down H is for hemorrhoids, V is for vaginal delivery, and X is for Xanax and laughing inappropriately loud (this always happens to me at parties, even when no alcohol is involved). Neither of us won. Though we might have made A's grandma a little uneasy.

Today we had a family picnic at a park Ryan found near our house that has a giant sandbox with concrete dinosaur bones buried in the sand and community sand toys all over the place so the kids can excavate them. Charlie had a great time pushing a big dump truck around and burying our feet in the sand. When he was done with the sandbox we let him clean up by wading in a small stream that ran through the park. It was all very wholesome. A fish even swam between his ankles. We got some funny looks from passersby on the jogging trail but Charlie's joyful shrieks made those easy to ignore.

I plan on being back here before another week has gone by, but be patient. I'm working on like half a brain here. And most of it is occupied with figuring out how to develop PSDs with Matlab (that's what she said) right now.

And, oh! Here's a picture of Charlie, who we are calling Jarhead right now because his hair looks like he's shipping out to the Middle East tomorrow morning, eating some bread at the Macaroni Grill Thursday night where we went to celebrate my dad's birthday. I explained to him that we could get him a normal haircut if he would just stop screaming and thrashing around but he would rather do it this way. I tip his "stylist" about 40%.

Charlie with Bread


Kyla said...

Hey! You're alive! YAY!

That park sounds AWESOME! Wow.

Hope the Matlab thing magically works out.

Liz said...

that's the kind of guest i'd want at any baby shower of mine.
i would've done the exact same thing. because really? all expectant moms need to hear THA TROOF!

Shannon said...

The first paragraph of this blog is really funny to me because it's so much like where I am. I'm sleepy at about 8:00, and by 10 I'm incapable of doing anything other than laying down. I'm still anxiously awaiting the day when I can brush my teeth with reckless abandon.

Sarah said...

I totally used Wikipedia to look up a doctor I had never heard of who figured prominently in a Planned Parenthood document I was reading for my dissertation-- it was very helpful, but no-- not an impressive end note :)

Taylor and Leighton said...

I JUST realized you have a blog. Why didn't I know this by now? You would think I would know about my sister-in-law's sister's blog, wouldn't ya?!?! I've always read your flickr, now I'll add this to My Favorites. Blogcrack! I like it. Katie and Neil will be here this weekend and I can't wait to rub her belly and tell my new niece hello. Take care Becca!!! -AJ

sarah said...

He is too cute!!