Sunday, April 27, 2008

Maybe we can just say we took him to the Catholic Church first.

Topping the list of dubiously appropriate places to take your toddler is Eeyore's Birthday Party. Even though it sounds like a Pooh themed children's event (and there were tons of kids there), it is actually a hippy celebration of spring complete with costumes, hula hoops, men in skirts, and lots and lots of weed. As we walked down the hill from our car we could see a cloud of smoke rising over the park (which was probably mostly from the grills at the concession stands but the whole time we were there we were asking "is that pot or incense? Should we stand somewhere else?").

Ergo Boy
We dressed Charlie up in his tie-dye shirt and shark hat and carried him there in the hippy approved Ergo carrier.

One of the main attractions of the event (besides the pot) is the drum circles. Instead of an actual circle it was more like an amoeba of dozens of bodies with instruments of all kinds--some marching band style drums, hand drums, maracas, tambourines, horns, kazoos, and even five gallon water jugs--all playing and moving together as one. The energy was infectious and we wanted to get closer to be a part of it. We got as close as we could but still couldn't see more than a couple of the people with drums. The sound was exhilarating. Charlie loved it.

Drum Circle
Drum circle is somewhere in there.

Eeyore of Liberty
Eeyore Statue of Liberty marks the location of the largest drum circle.

We met up with my sister and brother-in-law and their friend and after we watched some kids tie a man dressed like a giant to a Maypole we settled in for some people watching.

Katie, Sam, Neil
Sister, friend, Brother-in-Law

That's when things got really interesting. My brother-in-law came back from getting drinks and excitedly related seeing a couple dressed in elaborate bird costumes performing "a crazy bird sex dance" up on the hill where he said "all the really crazy hill people were" (a really remarkable statement considering we saw a man dressed as a tree, a woman who had been hula-hooping since six in the morning, and a man wearing only a thong and a bandanna before we even got near the hill). Then Eeyore himself walked by on a leash held by a man who could have been Willie Nelson's brother. THEN a guy came by and discretely offered us hash brownies for a bargain price of $5 each.

Wiped Out

Charlie was too wiped out for a bath when we got home last night so he went straight to bed. This morning I cuddled him in my lap as I was putting on his shoes and OH MY GOSH we sent him to the church nursery with his hair smelling of incense.


Shannon said...

Wow! Sounds like you had quite an interesting and fun experience this weekend!

LL said...

hahaha... brings back good memories from college :)

Andrea said...

Duuuuuuuuude. Far out.

By the way:
incense smell = solemn and smoky, frequently used to hide the...
pot smell = who's burning tires?

Just a friendly tip from your neighborhood Catholic.

Rima said...

Where the heck do you guys LIVE???

First with the ginormous killer bugs, and now with the crazy Eeyore hashish hippyfest! Sounds like never a dull moment!

Kyla said...

Crazy! LOL. But it makes me think that we are not taking advantage of all the crazy people watching available in our area.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious how you dress like a giant. Was he on stilts?

Sarah said...

That's awesome! You guys are so cute. What could be sweeter than an incense smelling toddler??

apathy lounge said...

Ah! That shot of Charlie lying so sweetly on that blanket! Makes me wish someone would let--no--demand that I take a nap. Outside. In a hammock. Undisturbed.