Friday, April 18, 2008

In which I decide to go to bed until I am at 8 cm

Do you ever have one of those days that despite your Herculean efforts to maintain a cheerful, upbeat demeanor to mask how generally crummy you feel after barely sleeping the night before because you have THE COLD that was brought home from daycare and are afraid to take anything because you can't find the list your OB gave you and that Tylenol Cold Nighttime is beaconing to you from the medicine cabinet, things just keep happening to you until you vow to never, ever leave the house again for fear an aircraft carrier or something will come crashing out of the sky and land on your head?

Ryan and I were both in the driveway this morning getting ready to leave. I had gotten Charlie settled into his seat and was about to back out when Ryan started waving at me frantically from his car. He got out of his car (because his windows don't roll down) and told me it wouldn't start and asked if I would wait a few minutes while he silently swore to himself inside the car about how ill-timed this was given our recent "discussion" about how we need to replace one of our cars, preferably the one whose WINDOWS DON'T ROLL DOWN and whose reliability is a big fat question mark on even the best of days tried a couple of things to see if he could get it running. He couldn't. So off we went to engineer-town on the way to daycare and my doctor's appointment. It's really not on the way, but I had a nice time spending a few more minutes with Ryan so it was no big deal.

Chipper non-psycho pregnant lady attitude: INTACT.

Ryan even gave me a buck for the toll road to save me some time on the way back. Which was really generous considering how I said to him, "You know, instead of replacing your battery, you could just drive my car. And then we could buy a nice little family car for me to drive. We could probably get like $200 for your car even though it won't start!"

At daycare Charlie was happily playing with his friends when I stopped at the refrigerator to drop off his afternoon bottle of milk. I pulled the bottle out of my purse to discover that it was HALF FULL. Which meant the other half, four ounces of whole milk, had pooled in the bottom of my purse. I frantically pulled my dripping wet iPod out of the bag and gave it CPR. I dabbed at it with paper towels and held my breath as I turned it on. Much to my relief, it turned on without any trouble.

Bullet dodged: Chipper attitude INTACT.

Next I stopped at a restaurant to get some breakfast and send some sections of my dissertation to my advisor before my doctor's appointment. I carefully set up my laptop on the table and while I was waiting for it to boot up I pulled my iPod out of my computer bag and pushed the button. Nothing. Deep breaths. Pushed the button. Nothing. It's completely dead. All my friends? Johnny Cash, Simon and Garfunkel, Queen, Joss Stone, Ben Harper, the Ben Folds, the Beatles, even John Denver? Are GONE. If there was ever a time to cry over spilled milk, this was it.

I emailed Ryan: "Charlie's milk spilled in my bag. iPod is dead."

He replied: "Try not to stress about it, we'll replace it if we need to."

I replied: "You can't see me but I'm making out with the computer."

While I was replying my phone rang. It was Ryan, probably calling to make sure I wasn't hyperventilating too much, or about to eat my weight in Pain Chocolate as a coping mechanism. I answered. Aaaaaannnnnd? Nothing.

I emailed again: "Guess my phone doesn't work either!" I deleted the part about how really %#@$ing awesome this turn of events was because it was his work email and he's all professional and stuff.

He replied: "Eh, it was time for you to get a new phone anyway."

All of this after I had teased him about his beloved car! And the dead car wasn't even his fault like the milk flood was probably mine (or maybe we should stop buying bottles at yard sales). HOW AWESOME IS HE?!

Anyway, the doctor's appointment went well. Bravo is doing great. I've only gained four pounds (Pain Chocolate notwithstanding). My phone dried out and started working again. And I found a cute replacement purse for $20 at TJ Maxx on the way home. Maybe my iPod will magically spin to life later on! Or maybe I will figure out what is wrong with my data and be able to finish my analysis.

Upbeat attitude? Tenuous but present.

Update: On advice of Professor Art Nerd, iPod is in a container of couscous, which is the closest thing I have to rice. If it doesn't work I can always toss the iPod with some halved grape tomatoes, olive oil, and parmesean cheese for a nice side dish.


Art Nerd said...

Assvice time! Try putting iPod in a container with raw rice. It works pretty often. Apple products sometimes can resuscitate themselves. It happens!

Glad to hear you're maintaining!

Rima said...

Ugh, that sounds like quite a bad day. I had that bottle spilling in the purse happen to me, too, but the only thing that was ruined (besides the purse) was my cell phone charger.

I hope your weekend turns out OK. Oh, and you can totally negotiate with the dealership on the "trade in" price for your beater car. When we bought our new car and turned in the P-Dawg's '91 Subaru Justy, I was able to negotiate a $450 dollar trade in, and that car was running on a single cylinder!

good luck!

Kyla said...

You know, it sounds like the PERFECT time for an iPhone. Just one purchase, TWICE the awesomeness.

And if you get one, I'm totally thinking about dumping a milk bottle in MY purse. ;)

Anonymous said...

My husband just killed his cell phone at the beach, walking around with it in his pocket and encountering a big wave. It made this sad little whining sound as it passed away.

Sarah said...

4 pounds-- I am so jealous-- I think I gained 4 pounds A DAY this time.

Sucks about the iPod, but you know, time for a new phone+ iPod trouble= iPhone, right???

Sarah said...

Kyla-- yeah! Totally what you said-- I should read the comments before I reply :)

sarah said...

Ugh! I hate the spilled milk in the purse routine!! It happens to me, even with the $6 a sippy Nuby's. Stupid things.

I hope the raw rice trick works.

Anonymous said...

Hi Becca! I ran across your blog on a friends page and I just couldn't resist saying hello. BTW you are absolutely hilarious! I'm going to have to start reading your blog everyday now as a pick me up. Hope things are going well for you and Ryan. Congrats on the litte one!