Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Things that make Charlie dissolve into a puddle of miserable, angry tears, the short list

*Being presented with breakfast

*Being asked not to feed Rossby, please

*Having breakfast taken away

*Being put in his crib

*Being taken out of his crib

*Not being allowed to drink the bottle of milk (of undetermined age) that he found under his crib

*Having to play by himself three feet away while I pay bills online

*Not being allowed to run away with my credit card

*Rossby barking

*Baby Orajel


*The toaster door being partway open

*Being offered a sippy cup/Having the refused sippy cup put away

He's just cranky because he barely slept for the third night in a row. Wow I am tired.


Sarah said...

Awww, those things make me cry these days, too. Especially the toaster oven door being partially open-- ha!

Harry has started doing this thing where he pretends to cry-- so the scrunchy face and the "wahhh" but no tears. I blame Caillou-- that cartoon kid is whiner!!

Rima said...

You forgot "having his diaper changed"!

Kyla said...

Poor Charlie boy.

It couldn't be a dreaded EI, could it?

sarah said...

Yeah, I can relate to that. Isn't toddlerhood fun?

Jen said...

Ah yes, the I don't want that, no don't take it away, because I don't want you to have it either, now I want it, no I don't circle of thought. Only a toddler can make sense out of that little jumble.

There are others of us dealing with the same insanity. Our hearts are with you! Hope you get some sleep tonight.