Sunday, March 23, 2008

There was a bunny in my house and he brought cookies

I don't have much to say today because I'm still stuck in this fog that I've been in all week. Plus I've been thinking nonstop about why this one thing won't work in my analysis (it's always one dumb little thing) and the thing that's really killing me is that I am pretty sure I've already solved this problem and cannot figure out how I did it before. So frustrating. Probably more frustrating for my advisor.

Anyway, the Acade- part is not so great right now, so here are some great -Momia pictures of our Easter weekend. It was lovely and restful and Charlie had a great time putting the eggs into the basket and eating the vanilla wafers he found inside when he managed to get one open.

Here's a picture of Charlie on Palm Sunday last year. Somehow he slept through being taken out of his car seat, propped up in these flowers, and posed for a picture.

Charlie in the tulips

This year he was much more into the festivities. We went to a neighborhood Easter egg hunt in the park and they had a lot of fun games that were just a little too old for Charlie (including the animal display, which I thought would be perfect for him until we got to the front of the line to discover the tanks contained snakes and scorpions and centipedes, sweet dreams kids!). Fortunately we found this one which was just his speed--pick a rubber duck out of a baby pool. It wasn't crowded so they let him play for a while. He was in heaven.


Here he is with his one egg that another boy's dad gave him because we missed the two minute window for the 0-3 egg hunt.


Charlie's Easter basket (which is where we usually store hats and gloves, because we couldn't find his regular Easter basket).


The Easter Bunny's handiwork.


Charlie with "tookies". I opened the first egg he found and gave him the vanilla wafers inside. After that every time he picked up an egg he handed it to me and signed "eat". Whoops. Fortunately he didn't eat nearly as much sugar as Ryan and me, who polished off four Cadbury Eggs and half a bag of mini peanut butter cups.



Kyla said...

Awww! Happy Easter, Charlie! It is so fun when they are old enough to start participating in the excitement.

Shannon said...

It's so much fun to see all of my friends having fun Easter experiences with their kids. Next Easter, my baby won't really be old enough to really enjoy it, but maybe the year after that! Charlie is so cool. And tell the Easter bunny he did a good job hiding the eggs. (Do you think the Easter bunny knows the Valentine's Stallion?)

Sarah said...

Love the "hidden" eggs!

We built an easter snowman. sad, huh?