Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Oh right, the bone crushing fatigue thing.

No pictures of the house yet. I STILL don't have batteries for my camera. It's not like I don't go to the grocery store every single day or something. I just can't remember to buy batteries until I hear the CLICK of the seatbelt in Charlie's carseat. And there's no turning back after that point. Especially because also? I am TIRED. So very tired. I remember this from when I was pregnant with Charlie but I also remember taking lots of naps and, oh, not carrying a twenty-six pound child around with me everywhere I went (until the last month of course and then it was more like thirty-seven pounds, ahem). My gosh.

And today when I got home from having lunch with Ryan my new neighbor's mother was out in the driveway with her grandkids and asked if we wanted to walk over to the park with them. OF COURSE I DID! It was sunny and in the seventies and I'd love to get to know the neighbors and the park is only a few blocks away right? Wrong! It's approximately seven-hundred blocks away and, impossibly, one of those blocks is COMPLETELY VERTICAL.

My neighbor's mother was a very nice woman and also, apparently, some kind of Olympic level race walker who yesterday went on a THREE MILE RUN just for the heck of it. Also? The dainty ten-month old girl in her stroller looked to weigh about fifteen pounds. Just sayin.

Don't grandmas sit with you at the kitchen table and offer you homemade cookies and tea anymore? This one expected me to keep up a coherent conversation as we jogged up K2 to the park. "So, what do you and your husband do?"

"He's an .." wheeeeeeze, cough "engineer" pant pant pant "I stay... " COUGH "...home with Charlie part..." huff huff huff "...time and work on my dissertation part time."

"Oh! A dissertation, is that for your masters?"

(Correcting her would require too much precious oxygen) "Yup!"

About halfway back to the house I was fairly certain I couldn't actually make it home, what with my jeans alternately sticking to my sweaty legs and then sliding off of my butt (they don't actually go all the way up in the front right now thanks to Baby Bravo, tres klassy) and my body feeling heavier and less cooperative with each step. I only kept going because I thought it would be embarassing if Super Grandma found Charlie and me asleep in the shade of the community mailbox on her way home. Maybe, maybe not.

Then, THEN! A friend from the old hood came over for a playdate, because I do not know my limits and thought two toddlers would be even more fun than one... which it really was except that we did not have an afternoon nap and when I made her coffee I did something wrong and all the water stayed up where the grounds go and she insisted that I not make another pot but then left after only an hour. THIS TRIMESTER CANNOT END QUICKLY ENOUGH.

Now I am sitting on the couch with my feet up while Ryan makes me dinner, including homemade tortilla chips. He said "You sit on the couch and make a human being, I'll make dinner." Sounds fair to me! I wonder if he'll also make me some cookies.


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness-- that sounds like an exhausting day! Also, homemade tortilla chips? YUM!

Liz said...

oh, did i forget to mention The Tired?

I'm exhausted just reading this post. And dude, I just got out of bed a half-hour ago.

But homemade tortilla chips? Sign. Me. Up.

Kyla said...

Pregnancy was not my friend. NONE of the trimesters were winners. I had debilitating morning sickness for the first two and Whale Syndrome with a side of indigestion for the third.

Keep those feet up. I heard cookies are a good source of energy. ;)

a. beaverhausen said...

"Sit on the couch and make a human being". Yeah...I knew I loved Ryan.

Homestead Mom said...

Kudos to Ryan for that comment & mentality. I remember the fatigue as well. I have never really gotten over it. One day, perhaps?

I am so sorry about your mom. I can't believe you took the time to comment with all that going on. I'm so glad she is near you and helping out - I'm sure she wants to do nothing other than get well and spend time with her loved ones, so helping you gestate is a perfect activity.